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Often I get questions about a recipe or where I got a specific fabric. If you’re looking for something along those lines, by all means leave me a comment on a post or contact me below. Coming soon I’ll be working on some frequently asked questions and I’ll share them here. Common questions are: What kind of camera do you use? What’s your food process or like? Or, where do you get your fabric?

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  • Rin Girlpie

    I just bought one Vinyasa Scarf for myself and I totally thought that I can make one. Now I got to know a great fablic online store from the fashion district. It look like they carry Missoni’s fabric, too (??)
    I’ve never done putting on the Snap, so I have to see how it goes.
    Thank you!

  • Riley Gibbon

    Very impressive. You’ve got a hidden talent in photography! Haven’t tried to make anything yet but those muffins sound pretty tasty!


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