North America

Travel North America – the world is an intriguing place and I want to see it all!

North America


This is our country – Canada. From coast to coast, it’s beautiful. We’ve lived in many places across Canada, from Ottawa to Edmonton and although we’ve yet to explore the east coast, we’re happy to call this great country home.


Mexico – home of my favourite food. We haven’t yet done a resort in Mexico and I don’t know if we ever will. Thus far, we’ve explored Tijuana and had a great day visiting markets and shops. I’ll admit, the border crossing (yes, we drove) was a bit stressful – read about our experience below. Overall, I’m excited to visit more of Mexico and experience deep traditional and deep flavours.

United States:

The United States of America – we lived in Dallas, Texas for two years and enjoy visiting state side. We’ve visited a lot of places, yet the United States of America is diverse and as culturally rich as many, many countries combined. We soak it in and site see as much as we can when visiting our neighbour to the south.