Hi, I’m Ali and I’m so happy you’re stopping by. I live in the country in Northern Alberta with my husband. I love to sew, bake, cook and create so blogging is a natural harmony of ticks for me.

A bit of background…

When my mom describes me as a little girl, I’m the one who woke up on Saturday mornings marching into her room asking “what are we doing today?!”

Clearly, I like to go-go-go.

I studied honours English at The University of Western Ontario, receiving my BA; also, I have a BEd from The University of Ottawa and taught high school English in Dallas, Texas for two years. Those two years were challenging, life changing, and inspiring all at the same time. Most recently I completed my Master of Leadership in Service Innovation, MLSI, from the University of Queensland. Since my first job in high school – making popcorn and dishing out ice cream at Pop’s Old Time Shoppe – I’ve racked up a decent sized resume. Over 15 jobs in 2 countries: 4 states and 2 provinces. The job I have now, working in recreation for municipal government, is my favourite. Such a joy.

Life now…

My life in the country is awesome, yet doesn’t come without hard work. We have 3.5 acres and a lot of grass. Lily was our Great Dane and she’s the kindest, gentlest dog I know. Life on the acreage is pretty great and I don’t take a single second for granted. We’ve been here since 2011 and I doubt we will be moving any time soon.

Below is a family shot from Glacier National Park in the spring of 2016.

Above, that’s me on a Michigan hike. I love photography.

Oh my – that’s Miss Bella-rama trying to steal a marshmallow from me some summers ago. She was a sweet pup and we miss her dearly.

In 2019, just before the pandemic hit, we got an Afghan Hound – Daphne, or Daph-Daph or Daffer as we usually call her. She’s such a great addition to our family. She keeps us on our toes and ensures we get our daily walks!

Daphne the Afghan Hound: 3ten.ca

Now, just a little bit about me!

Life has been so great to us and in the spring of 2016 we spent more than 3 weeks traveling Southeast Asia. Traveling is inspiring and eye opening. I’m looking forward to more exploring and adventures in the future – thanks for stopping by and learning a it about me.

Want to read a bit more on the name of my blog? Check out my history post!


  • Marcel Stevens

    Hi Ali,

    I am a preformer/comedien from Holland.
    This week I bought a caravan tp preform with. It looks a bit like yours with red en white. Mine is a Biod Bambo 1972 classic.
    I have yet to completely refurbish it and my quistion is;

    What ccolor red en white did you use at yours

    Thank you and keep on enjoing live,

    See you
    Marcel Stevens

    • Ali

      Hi Marcel,

      We used marine grade enamel from Cloverdale. The white is their standard white (11104), and the red is colour 313. I hope that helps!

      Safe travels!

  • Charlene Laishley

    Wondering if you are restoring a Boler now?
    We will probably be restoring our Boler 1975 and wold love to visit and learn from you.
    We are in Calgary and would gladly make the trip north if you are.

    • Ali

      Hi Charlene,

      Thanks for reaching out – we’re not restoring Bolers anymore. We stopped in the fall of 2021 after having more than 15 Bolers come and go, with 10 full restorations shared on Tipsy’s Instagram page. There is a lot of content there, if you’re looking for info. Happy restoring on your 1975 beauty!


  • Gary

    Hi Ali
    We need to replace the frame on our 1971 Boler. Do we leave the wood in situ pending a replaced frame or upon removing the body from the frame can we cut the floor out?
    I await your reply
    Kind regards
    Gary Barkley
    Cochrane, AB

    • Ali

      Hi Gary!

      Sounds like a fun project. Have you checked out our post on how to take the frame off a boler? If you’re replacing the wood in addition to the frame, you’ll need to do one section at a time. You can’t put the frame back on before replacing the floor – you’ll want to reconnect the frame to a solid floor. Hope that helps! We did replace the floor in Tipsy last summer, so it’s doable.

      Have fun!

  • Brigette J Quinn

    Hi Ali. I think you and I are kindred spirits! I love your blog. I have a 1973 Boler that is in for some repairs now after being vandalized while I was on the Pacific NW coast. I’ve been thinking of taking the Boler off the frame for a serious overhaul, but scared. Your blog really helps.

    I’m both Canadian (originally from Ontario) and American. I think of myself as a North American now.

    I also love to sew and learning to repurpose clothing. You have created some beautiful things! You a great inspiration. I’m also inspired by artists like Lana Saint Michel and have bought 2 of her designs so far. http://www.vgegallery.com/a-fabric-ated-life-lana-saint-michel/
    She only sells at art galleries so her items are an investment for sure.

    I have yet to purchase a serger, but considering…..perhaps after some lessons.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Ali

      Hi Brigette!

      Thank you for the sweet note. I love that you have a Boler – yet sad to hear it was vandalized on the coast.

      Hope all is well.

  • Colleen

    Hi Ali,I absolutely love your posts and
    all your boler renos. I’ve always wanted one, but have never done a reno and have no idea how to . I live in Saskatoon and have been looking on line for one ,but cant seem to find any close by. Do you take orders ?

    • Ali

      Hi Colleen!

      Thanks for reaching out – we don’t take orders. We do list them on Instagram and they’re first come, first served. Let us know if you’re on that platform since I have a list of people we tag when they’re up for sale. The next one might not be for a while since we’re putting our own boler (Tipsy) back in the shop to overhaul her again.

      Talk soon,

  • Anne Anderson

    Hi there,
    We’re renovating an old Boler but the previous guy pulled out all the inner skin. Have you replaced this, and if so, with what? How did you figure out what pieces to cut and how big to make them?


  • Kayla

    Hi there,

    My husband and I are renovating a 1974 boler and I wondered if you might tell me where you order your boler fridges from (they look new). We are hoping to have our reno’s done this summer so we can use it but I have to say it’s been a challenge

    Thanks and great blog


    • Ali

      Hi Kayla!

      In most cases the Boler Trailers we’ve renovated haven’t had fridges, but rather iceboxes. We like the icebox functionality better, since then you don’t have to run your propane while in transport. We sand them down and paint them so they’re clean and fresh. In the Boler we’re overhauling right now we’re putting in an electrical fridge (just a little bar type one). Hope that helps!

      And you’re absolutely right – working on a vintage trailer can present a lot of challenges – wishing you all the best.


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