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Hi, I’m Ali and I’m so happy you’re stopping by. I live in the country in Northern Alberta with my husband. I love to sew, bake, cook and create so blogging is a natural harmony of ticks for me.

A bit of background…

When my mom describes me as a little girl, I’m the one who woke up on Saturday mornings marching into her room asking “what are we doing today?!”

Clearly, I like to go-go-go.

I studied honours English at The University of Western Ontario, receiving my BA; also, I have a BEd from The University of Ottawa and taught high school English in Dallas, Texas for two years. Those two years were challenging, life changing, and inspiring all at the same time. Since my first job in high school – making popcorn and dishing out ice cream at Pop’s Old Time Shoppe – I’ve racked up a decent sized resume. Over 15 jobs in 2 countries: 4 states and 2 provinces. The job I have now, working in recreation for municipal government, is my favourite – such a joy.

Life now…

My life in the country is awesome, yet doesn’t come without hard work. We have 3.5 acres and a push mower; don’t worry, it’s not all grass. Lily is our Great Dane and she’s the kindest, gentlest dog I know. Life on the acreage is pretty great and I don’t take a single second for granted. We’ve been here for just about 5 years and I doubt we will be moving any time soon.

3ten.ca: About
A family shot from Glacier National Park this past spring.

3ten.ca: About

3ten.ca: About

Above on the left, that’s me on a Michigan hike last summer. I love photography. On the right, that’s Miss Bella-rama trying to steal a marshmallow from me a couple of summers ago. She was a sweet pup and we miss her dearly. Just a little bit about me!

Life has been so great to us and this past spring we spent more than 3 weeks traveling Southeast Asia. Traveling is inspiring and eye opening. I’m looking forward to more exploring and adventures in the future – thanks for stopping by and learning a it about me.

3ten.ca: About

Want to read a bit more on the name of my blog? Check out my history post!

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