Boler Trailer:

Project: Scooby Doo the Boler After

Scooby Doo the Boler After:

Scooby Doo the Boler After – did you see the before?! I told you it was such an incredible transformation.

From bright new windows, to new mould resistant hull liner, this 13 foot Boler is ready for some fun.

I think we put in about 200 hours into this project and did a few extras that we hadn’t planned on – like taking down the ensolite and replacing it with quality marine grade hull liner. If you want the full scope of the project, you can check us out on Instagram @tipsy.the.boler or check out our Boler page here on 3ten. Okay, time to see some more after photos.

Scooby Doo the Boler After

Boler Trailer:

That Tiffany blue is so bright and fresh. Complete with a matching propane tank and a new gas line and value. Oh, and a new jack and safety chains, too.


The two windows on the sides are brand new – they even crank out, which we find better than the slide ones, since this way you can use them in the rain, or snow!

Scooby Doo the Boler After:

One of our favourite features of this 1977 Boler is the vintage door window. We for sure kept it – it’s just too cool.

Scooby Doo the Boler After:

Time to head inside. The front section is a 3-way space. Bunk beds, a couch, or a dinette. It’s the best layout ever.

Trailer Bunk Beds:
Trailer Couch:
Trailer Dinette:

The kitchen and the back dinette – which converts to a bed for two, too.

Boler Kitchen:
Scooby Doo the Boler After:
Scooby Doo the Boler After:

Well, there you have it – Scooby Doo the Boler After in all his glory. We know he has many family camping trips ahead of him. Cheers to you, Scooby Doo – may you be happy on the road to adventure.

Scooby Doo the Boler After:

Happy camping.


  • Ali

    Hi Tina,

    The bunk is usually built into the Boler already – the support at the front for Scooby Doo is fiberglassed into the shell for added strength. Then the bed folds up on hinges and the cushion is supported by a piece of wood that adds support. Lastly, the bed hinges up and is supported by two poles for added strength and stability.

    Are you looking to add a bunk where there is no support in the body? Or are you just missing the cushion/wood piece and the poles?


    How did you add the bunk bed.? I really want to add one to my 1978 Boler for more sleeping area. Need it to hold an adult or two small girls. Need it secured, permanently mounted, any ideas?

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