• Tipsy the Boler After

    Project: Tipsy the Boler After

    Tipsy the Boler after – a labour of love, truly. We overhauled this 1972 Canadian made Boler twice – that’s right, twice! The first time was to travel the west coast for about 3 months back in 2014. This time – the summer of 2021 we overhauled Tipsy the way we wish we could have the first time around – galvanized frame, a solar panel, and a nifty icebox ta-boot! Okay, let’s check out some photos! Tipsy the Boler After Back in 2012 we purchased…

  • Nordegg camping is some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta.

    Travel: Nordegg Camping

    Nordegg camping – some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta. Awesome hikes, cool breezes, and the mountains. What else could you ask for? Let’s camp! A few weekends ago we hooked up Tipsy the Boler and headed the 3 hours southwest to camp. Check out our photos. Okay – want to know what to do in Nordegg? We hike and eat – here are some of our favourites. Nordegg Camping Windy Point Ridge Reese’s S’mores Coliseum Trail We set up camp in…

  • Coliseum trail in Nordegg - a great climb!

    Travel: Coliseum Trail

    Coliseum trail – an awesome hike in Nordegg, Alberta. You can hike this 15km hike in around 5 hours, and it’ll make you sweat with all the switchbacks. I’ll admit, it gets a tad tedious, yet the views through the trees, the cool air, and the freshness of nature are worth it! Check out our photos. Coliseum Trail First – know your area, plan ahead, and make sure you have a plan! Also, this isn’t the only trail on Coliseum Mountain, so be sure to…

  • Reese's S'mores - one of the best camping treats around!

    Recipe: Reese’s S’mores

    Reese’s s’mores – one of the best camping treats around! These s’mores are packed with delicious Reese’s peanut butter goodness and make for a tasty s’more. Start your fire and let’s get cooking! Ingredients One Reese’s bar 8 graham crackers 4 jumbo marshmallows First, get your fire going – we like to make s’mores over the embers, so usually after we eat dinner, and before we put on the next round of logs to keep us warm. For us, it’s a low and slow process…

  • Windy Ridge Point is a 5km trail in Nordegg - it's hard, yet rewarding!

    Travel: Windy Point Ridge

    Windy Point Ridge is a 5km hard hiking trail in Nordegg, Alberta. It’s gives you an awesome view of Lake Abraham, and has a nice trailhead area where you can park, have a picnic, and even take a dip to cool off if you like! Okay – let’s check out some of these photos of us, and Daphne, too! Let’s hike. Windy Point Ridge First before we jump into some photos, how do we find trails? All Trails of course! Great site, and you can…

  • Tipsy the Boler Before: 3ten.ca

    Project: Tipsy the Boler Before

    Tipsy the Boler before – it’s hard to call this post a before since it’s actually more like an in-between. When we got Tipsy back in 2012 we travelled in her for the first time in 2014 and then spent that summer fixing her up for a 3 month road trip down to the California / Mexican border. This ‘before’ however, is the before her last overhaul. So, let’s take a look at some of these before photos. Tipsy the Boler Before See the grind…

  • Toots the Boler After: 3ten.ca

    Project: Toots the Boler After

    Toots the Boler after – that’s right, we’re done Toots the Boler and here are some of his after photos. Check out the adorable paint job, the clean body look, and a few of the new shinny features. Toots the Boler After First, the outside – look at that bellyband shine! The driver’s side is nice and clean – no vents and no small window above the stove. This 1971 gem didn’t need much fibreglass work since the driver’s side was originally clean looking. Just…