Asia travel – the world is an intriguing place and I want to see it all!



Cambodia is so beautiful and home to some of the kindest people I know. We travelled from Siem Reap through Phnom Penh all the way to the coast and the island of Koh Rong. Overall, Cambodia is one of my favourite places. I only wish it was closer.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is busy and full of life – get ready to go-go-go! One awesome thing about being Canadian, you don’t need a visa to visit Hong Kong. All you need to do is endure a long flight. Oh, and you’ll need a valid passport. That of course is a given. Other than that, it’s easy. The city reminded me of New York in that it’s full of lights and tall buildings that are packed with people. The ferries are a great way to travel and the city is full of high end shopping and low end markets which gives you the full spectrum in this wonderfully rich East Asian country.

Travel to East Asia if you get the chance and be sure to stop off in Hong Kong for at least two days – eat at Mana’s and be happy. Travel to live, right? Oh, how I love travelling. Share your favourite spots to travel, too. Have you been else where in East Asia? Where else should I go. For sure China, yet I’m also thinking South Korea and Japan. Thoughts?

Southeast Asia travel – this place is beautiful – see it soon before it’s natural beauty is extinguished. It’s a popular place to vacation and the sooner you go the more likely you are to see the real Southeast Asia rather than an over run westernize version of a vacation spot. Go now!


Japan is one of the best places we’ve been. I’m not sure we’d want to ever live there (it’s not Australia!), but the food, the sights, and the culture are so worth visiting. It’s wild to visit Tokyo and experience a city that is so densely packed – it’s like the whole country of Canada packed into one city. Wild. Okay, let’s check out some photos of our trip to Japan.


Thailand is rich in culture and a must visit for anyone. Temples, food and massages galore. This place is breathtaking and very hot. Visit the coast and stay cool if you’re visiting during the hot months.


hough Vietnam wasn’t my favourite place, it has a simplistic beauty that’s unforgettable. From the busy capitol of Ho Chi Ming City to the quiet village of Hoi An, this country taught me that kindness should never be taken for granted. Studding views and delightful food, Vietnam is a country worth visiting once in your life.