Sewing – my how much I enjoy the challenge of stitching fabric together. I started in 2012. At first, I tried on my own but my bobbin kept jamming…leading to overwhelming frustration. For my birthday that year my husband got me lessons. Perfect! Learning is a joy of mine and when you combine that with creativity…pure bliss!

Some of these are pretty basic, yet you’ve got to start somewhere, right?


52 Weeks of Sewing:

My New Year’s resolution in January of 2016 was to to sew more, create more and share more. Out of that came the 52 weeks of sewing – I share one sewing tutorial a week on either a Saturday or a Sunday and then you can have fun at home, too! Below are some of my favourites – the piping and zipper pillow is beautiful (challenging at times, but worth it). Be sure to click above to see all 52 sewing tutorials from the past year.

Sewing for Her:

Clothes? Accessories? Check and check. I like making clothes, not only is it usually cheaper, but it’s also more flattering to have clothes made specifically to your measurements. Click above to see all the sewing projects for her and be sure to checkout the headband tutorial, it’s my most popular, more than 9500 pins on Pinterest.

Sewing for Him:

Well, I certainly have to sew for the him in my life, right? The zip hoodie is great and the woodworking apron is just a piece of art all on it’s own. Click the photo above to see more for him sewing posts.

Sewing for the Home:

Projects for the home are probably the best. New bright placemats or making napkins for a host gift are just a few examples.

Sewing for the Baby:

Have a little one in your life? Check out these posts to make something tiny.

Celebrate the Baby Boy:

In January of 2015 I became an aunt – here we celebrate the baby boy. Click above for more posts.

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