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We use our Omega juicer for a lot of things – sauces, soups and juice. The biggest compliant about the juicer, it’s a hassle to clean – yet it’s not that bad at all. These recipes below all taste great – according to me, of course. My favourite? Summer sunrise is refreshing, yet the glass of salsa is a lit of a kick. Try them out and get started today. You’re body will love you for it!

Okay – don’t get me wrong, I love juicing, yet don’t do it every day or anything. Your body needs fibre in order to properly digest all the sugar that’s in a juice otherwise your blood sugar will be all out of sorts. Juice responsibly and knowledgeably and you’ll be in good shape. Usually if I’m enjoying one of the recipes below it’s in combination with a light salad or even just a banana. You can’t really put a banana in your juicer, so just eat it whole and you’ll get all the fibre you need for that meal. See, easy peasy – and all in balance.

Is is summer time? Even if it’s not, the straw-orange is a great choice – it’s like orange strawberry lemonade. So refreshing and so good. The perfect after cutting the grass refreshment, don’t you think? Happy juicing!

Summer Sunrise Juice: 3ten.ca
Summer Sunrise Juice
Berry Blast: 3ten.ca
Berry Blast
Triple C Juice: 3ten.ca
Triple C
Mangolicious Juice: 3ten.ca
Mangolicious Juice
Open Your Eyes Juice: 3ten.ca
Open Your Eyes Juice
Strawberry Melon Juice: 3ten.ca
Strawberry Melon Juice
Apple Pear Juice: 3ten.ca
Apple Pear Juice
Strawberry Orange Lemonade: 3ten.ca
Strawberry Orange Lemonade
Green Goddess Juice: 3ten.ca
Green Goddess Juice
Strong Bones Juice: 3ten.ca
Strong Bones Juice
Berry Pineapple Juice: 3ten.ca
Berry Pineapple Juice
Glass of Salsa Juice: 3ten.ca
Glass of Salsa Juice
12 Days of Juicing: 3ten.ca
12 Days of Juicing
Juicing: 3ten.ca
Fruit Juicing
Lazy Juice: 3ten.ca
Lazy Juice
Juice: 3ten.ca
Green Juice: 3ten.ca
Green Juice
Morning Juice: 3ten.ca
Morning Juice

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