Morning Juice:

Recipe: Morning Juice

Fresh Morning Juice:

Morning Juice

Juice! Fresh Juice!

About a week ago I watched a documentary on the food we eat – how most of it is ‘food like products’. That sounds so gross. Eating well is important for our bodies, our health and our overall well being. We purchased our Omega juicer about 2 weeks ago and have used it every day since! The Omega is great because it does hard root vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes, yet is also able to do leafy greens like kale and spinach. It also does wheatgrass! It’s slow…like the auger is taking its time getting all the good stuff out for you. If you’re in the market for a quick juicer, this may not be for you.

It’s heavy and as a result it sits on our counter. I moved the red kitchen aid mixer, since we use it only about once a week versus using the juicer everyday.

Fresh Morning Juice:

It’s not, however, big, so leaving it out isn’t too bad if you have a small counter.

Below is my morning juice. It’s sweet because of the pineapple, yet hearty with the broccoli and red cabbage. The parsley is rich in chlorophyll, as is the broccoli, which is good for detoxing – who wants toxins to build up? Yuck.

I juice everything – even the peel on the lemon and leave the sink on the ginger. The peel and skin can add a bit of a bitter taste, but well worth the benefits.

Fresh Morning Juice: 3ten.caFresh Morning Juice:

Juice away. I start with the hearty stuff and then the juicy stuff after, so I juice the lemon and the cucumber last…I feel this helps to ‘washout’ what’s left of the other vegetables.

Fresh Morning Juice: 3ten.caFresh Morning Juice:

There you go – two fresh and tasty glasses of juice! The bummer part…you need to clean the juicer right away – oh, and if you leave all the pulp in your trash for more than a day, it’ll stink…really stink.

Use the pulp for composting…keeps your garden healthy, giving you more vegetables to juice! It’s a cycle!!

Fresh Morning Juice: 3ten.caFresh Morning Juice:

Big glass – drink up! Some of our juices don’t taste very good, but this one is great.

Fresh Morning Juice:

Pow…empty glass.

Fresh Morning Juice:

Juice up and feel great…what else is life about other than being happy and healthy!!

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