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    Recipe: Juicing

    Juicing is so good for you, for your skin, nails, hair, organs, and flat out, your life. About 6 months ago we did our research and purchased and Omega Juicer – it actually took the place of my stand KitchenAid mixer on the counter…not to worry, the mixer has a nice home. Okay, let’s check out this juicing recipe and see what all the hype is about. Ready? This is my Sunday morning juice – try it! You’ll also have to try a few others…lazy…

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    Recipe: Lazy Juice

    It’s lazy juice time. I know, juicing is fun, but can sometimes be a lot of work. Cleaning spinach, kale, or seeding a pomegranate (although, one day I’m going to try and put the whole pomegranate it the juicer) can be a hassle. This recipe is lazy – why lazy? …because all you have to do is put the fruit in a bowl, rinse it off, and then cut it up a bit. Lazy Juice Lemon, beet, orange, carrot, kiwi, tomato, apple, and a pear.…

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    Yellow and Green Juice

    Juice, again! The juicer is so easy to use…and so good for you! We were in the city a few days ago and I stopped by Planet Organic to grab some wheatgrass – our local grocery store doesn’t sell it. Boo! Okay, let’s get started on this yellow and green juice. Ingredients pineapple lemon yellow beets wheat grass broccolini I also picked up some yellow beets (which caused some controversy, coincidently, on Top Chef this past Wednesday – “who stole my yellow beets!!”)…and I grabbed…

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    Recipe: Morning Juice

    Morning Juice Juice! Fresh Juice! About a week ago I watched a documentary on the food we eat – how most of it is ‘food like products’. That sounds so gross. Eating well is important for our bodies, our health and our overall well being. We purchased our Omega juicer about 2 weeks ago and have used it every day since! The Omega is great because it does hard root vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes, yet is also able to do leafy greens like…

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    Garage Sale Juicer

    Grage Sale Juicer Last weekend the end of our road had a garage sale sign on it. Why not swing by? Usually we keep an extra 5 or 10 dollar bill in the glove box for an emergency – a garage sale is an emergency, right? I think so. 2$ for a juicer?!! Really. Yes! It’s a bit beat up and the owner can’t recall if it works; but, for 2$ – less than a cup of coffee, I’ll take the risk! Plus, look how…