Garage Sale Juicer

Garage Sale Juicer:

Grage Sale Juicer

Last weekend the end of our road had a garage sale sign on it. Why not swing by? Usually we keep an extra 5 or 10 dollar bill in the glove box for an emergency – a garage sale is an emergency, right? I think so.

Garage Sale Juicer: 3ten.caGarage Sale Juicer:

2$ for a juicer?!! Really. Yes!

It’s a bit beat up and the owner can’t recall if it works; but, for 2$ – less than a cup of coffee, I’ll take the risk!

Plus, look how vintage it is! All that chrome, and that 70’s font, who wouldn’t want this little piece of history in their kitchen. Even if it doesn’t work, it certainly looks awesome.

Garage Sale Juicer:

I cleaned it up and turned it on – it works. It actually works! This garage sale juicer is flat out rad.

The best part, it fits the industrial look, mixed with a farmhouse feel we’re going for in the kitchen. An eclectic style, yet our own style.

Garage Sale Juicer:

Limes, oranges and lemons beware – this juicer can handle you.

Garage Sale Juicer:

It’s cute, vintage and looks good on our counter. We use it every day in our shakes and it hasn’t quit on us yet – knock on wood.

Garage Sale Juicer:

So, this summer, if you see a garage sale sign, you never know what you could find…especially if you only have 2$.

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