Travel Canada – so much land and such kind people. I’m happy to call this wonderful country home.



This is my country – Canada. From coast to coast, it’s beautiful. I’ve vacationed a lot across this country, but I’ve yet to venture all the way to the east coast. That’s on the list soon, for sure. The amazing thing about Canada is we get all four seasons – winter, spring, summer and of course fall. Have you ever seen the trees in Ontario in the fall? Such amazing colours, like in upper state New York or Maine. I was lucky to grow up there. Oh, and you can surf on the west coast and deep fish on the east coast. This country has it all, even tasty beaver tails.

Living in Northern Alberta comes with all four seasons, too; however, our winters are especially cold. I don’t mind it at all, though. It builds character and gives me perspective on the world. Plus, the long days here in the north in Canada are well worth the trade off of a cold winter. Below you’ll find some places across this great land that we’ve visited. Some near and some far, yet all close to our heart.

Alberta Backcountry:
Siffleur Falls Hike
Miquelon Lake Hike:
Miquelon Lake Hike
Daph-Daph on a Hike:
Elk Island Winter Hike
Hiking in Jasper:
Jasper Hiking
Daphne the Hiking Afghan Hound:
Jasper Sky Tram
Banff Paddleboarding 2020:
Banff Paddleboarding
Elk Island Hike June 2020:
Elk Island Hike 2020
Trip Planning:
Trip Planning
Elk Island Backcountry:
Elk Island Backcounty
Paddleboarding in Kelowna:
Paddleboarding Kelowna
Beacon Hill Park:
Three days in Victoria
Royal British Columbia Museum:
Royal BC Museum
Victoria Eats:
Victoria Eats
Embassy Inn Review:
Embassy Inn Review
British Columbia Parliament Buildings:
BC Parliament Buildings
West Coast Trail:
West Coast Trail
Victoria Snapshot:
Victoria Snapshot
West Coast Trail Snapshot:
West Coast Trail Snapshot
West Coast Trail Prep:
West Coast Trail Prep

Banff National Park 2018
Banff National Park 2018
Calgary UTVing:
Calgary UTVing
Elk Island National Park 2018
Elk Island National Park 2018
Waterton Lake National Park 2018
Waterton Lakes National Park 2018
Kootenay National Park 2018:
Kootenay National Park 2018
Waskesiu Camping 2018:
Waskesiu Camping 2018
Art Gallery of Algoma:
Art Gallery of Algoma
Muttart Conservatory:
Muttart Conservatory
Alberta Legislature:
Alberta Legislature
Paddleboarding in Christina Creek:
Paddleboarding in Christina Creek
Three Days in Vancouver:
Three Days in Vancouver
Vancouver Eats:
Vancouver Eats
Times Square Suites Vancouver:
Times Square Suites Vancouver
Vancouver Aquarium:
Vancouver Aquarium
Capilano Bridge Vancouver:
Capilano Bridge Vancouver
Science World Vancouver:
Science World Vancouver
Granville Island:
Granville Island
Northern Lights in Yellowknife:
Northern Lights in Yellowknife
Yellowknife NWT:
Yellowknife NWT
Taste of Edmonton 2016:
Taste of Edmonton 2016
Jasper Alberta 2016:
Jasper Alberta 2016
Heritage Days 2015:
Heritage Days 2015
Taste of Edmonton 2015:
Taste of Edmonton 2015
Elk Island 2013:
Elk Island 2013