Parliament Buildings:

Travel: British Columbia Parliament Buildings

British Columbia Parliament Buildings:

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings are the centre of Victoria – it faces the harbour and ties the city together.

In Alberta, the Legislative Buildings aren’t as central, since they’re tucked away and sort of out of site. I like how in Victoria the buildings aren’t shy.

Inside you can get free tours or take yourself on the self-guided tour – they have a lot of info on their visiting the legislature site. The older I get the more fascinating I find the political history of our country. Especially the ties to the British throne.

Hall of Honour:
Historical Canoe:

British Columbia is rooted deep in culture and tradition.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings:

The stained glass above is one of my favourite things about the British Columbia Parliament Buildings. This specific piece is to celebrate the 50 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Look at the bear, the otter, and even the moose and orca – it’s so pretty.

British Columbia Parliament Buildings:

Look at that face – so happy. I love travelling, seeing new places and experiencing new-to-me histories. Also, just a little ‘Where’s Waldo’ in the photo above. Can you spot the Boler? We didn’t get to check it out since it’s used to transport equipment. So fun.

If you’re ever in Victoria be sure to stop by and check out the place where BC politics calls home – you’ll be happy you did.

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