Projects are so fun and although fabric and food are my favourite things to work with, I often venture outside of my comfort zone and share some projects I’ve taken on.


12 Days of Christmas:

The 12 days of Christmas is one of my favourite projects to date. The advent calendar is super awesome, mainly because it can be reused year after year! All you do is fill it with some treats. On, and the sugar scrub is so rich and luxurious, you’ll want to make it year after year.

Home Projects:

Home projects – things like making a sweet little snack bowl or finding a vintage juicer at a garage sale, these projects are all inspired by the home. I think the biggest project and the one I’m most proud of is the concrete countertops, they are amazing – check it out.

Life Projects:

Projects about life – these are about celebrating the special moments we’re lucky enough to have and sharing photos of some unforgettable events. Birthdays (those are the best) and a wedding or two, oh, and some daring challenges. Check out the life projects below or click the photo above to see them all.

Boler Project:

Our Boler – a Canadian made fiberglass trailer made in the 1970s. Our boler is from 1972 and it’s awesome. We purchased it for pretty cheap and restored it to our liking. It was previously used as an ice-fishing hut and now it’s been to California, Nevada and Montana on camping adventures. Take a look and see how this little 13 foot egg is our home away from home.

Food Projects:

These are all about food, but aren’t exactly recipes. They’re Halloween loot bags or snacks for road trips or even bags of candy for the movies. Check them out and don’t forget to eat up. Happy project making and enjoy the posts!

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