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Although Vietnam wasn’t my favourite place, it has a simplistic beauty that’s unforgettable. From the busy capitol of Ho Chi Ming City to the quiet village of Hoi An, this country taught me that kindness should never be taken for granted. Stunning views and delightful food, Vietnam is a country worth visiting once in your life.

The country is very different from the north to the south and I suggest doing it in one trip. Why? Because only 5% of people who visit Vietnam return. I’m not going to be one of those 5%, even though I thought I was. The unkindness, coupled with being sold to all the time made for an unlikely return. So, if you have the time, visit the north and see Sa Pa. If you’re like me and had a week, see two major places and you’ll be content with your trip to Vietnam.

Check out the posts below to see our highlights – taxi scams, quaint hotels and beautiful sites. Thanks for visiting and leave a comment if you’ve visited this Southeast Asian country – I want to know what you think, too!

3 Weeks in Southeast Asia:
3 Weeks in Southeast Asia
4 Days in Hoi An:
4 Days in Hoi An
Beach in Hoi An:
Beach in Hoi An
Eats in Hoi An:
Eats in Hoi An
Old Town Hoi An:
Old Town Hoi An
Bikes in Hoi An:
Bikes in Hoi An
Golden Bell Homestay:
Golden Bell Homestay
3 days in Ho Chi Minh City:
3 days in Ho Chi Minh City
Taxi Scam in Ho Chi Minh City:
Taxi Scam in Ho Chi Minh City
Noir in Ho Chi Minh City:
Noir in Ho Chi Minh City
Museum of Fine Arts:
Museum of Fine Arts
War Remnants Museum:
War Remnants Museum
Reunification Palace:
Reunification Palace
Ben Thanh Market:
Ben Thanh Market
Hello House:
Hello House
Hoi An Snapshot:
Hoi An Snapshot
Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot
Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot
Packing in a 33L Backpack:
Packing in a 33L Backpack
Off the Continent:
Off the Continent