Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot

Travel: Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot

Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot: 3ten.ca

Ho Chi Minh City snapshot – well, the capital of Vietnam and former Saigon is home to more than 8 million people. It seems like everyone is out and about on motorbikes. Especially when it’s time to cross at a roundabout intersection. They’re so busy!

Our time in HCMC was wonderful. We filled our bellies with some of the best pho and filled our hearts with memories from the War Remnants Museum.

Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot

We were in the city on April 30, which is Reunification Day. Or known as the Fall of Saigon – this year they celebrated 41 years since the fall of Saigon. Fireworks and parades filled the city with pride. We visited Reunification Palace on April 30 and it was packed!

The French influence can still be seen in the Vietnam capital, as you can see from the Notre Dame Cathedral below and the Saigon Post Office above. Both are historic landmarks worth visiting.

Although we fell victim to a sleazy slight of hand trick from a crappy taxi company (I’ll fill you in more on a post about Southeast Asian Travel in the month or so) our over all experience was delightful. We celebrated my birthday by having dinner at Noir, a dining experience unlike any other. We ate dinner in complete darkness! Darning, I know. The food was delicious and we’re both so grateful to have our sight.

Ho Chi Minh City is full of markets and both high and low end shopping – something for every budget. Although, most of the high end places are vastly marked up over what you would pay in any other country like in the UK, France, or even in North America. I’m not too sure why, but my guess would be because imports are heavily taxed; yet I really don’t know.

Overall, we enjoyed our time in the capital of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot: 3ten.ca

Ho Chi Minh City Snapshot: 3ten.ca

Up next, our last stop on our trip – Hoi An, the little ancient town in central Vietnam full of tailors, beaches and bicycles!

Only 3 more nights and then we’re headed home. We’re off to enjoy every last moment. Thanks for visiting!

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