12 Days of Christmas

12 days of Christmas here at 3ten.ca! It’s a great way to ring in the special holiday and have fun.

12 Days of Christmas

Below are all the projects for the 12 days of Christmas and some recipes, too. My favourites is the sugar scrub, yet the reindeer sign is also fun. The sugar scrub is rich and luxurious. If you make them as gifts, be sure to keep one for yourself, your skin will thank you. With some of the DIYs, the bonus is you get to use some of the projects again and again. Thus, adding new traditions to your festivities and celebrations. Like the advent calendar. It’s used each year at my house and all I have to do is fill it with treats. Easy-peasy. We don’t even hang it in the same space each year, we change it up by putting the calendar on a small tree or hanging from the mantel. This year, who knows where it will end up!

Oh, the holiday crack is so good and addictive. My suggestion is to make a double recipe since I end up eating half of it while I’m cooking. Either way, the holiday crack will not go to waste. It’s a recipe you’ll want to make and bring to work to share before you eat it all up. Plus, your co-workers will love you for it, it’s that good. It’s not gluten free, though. Perhaps soon, I’ll find the perfect butter cracker and create a gluten free version – fingers crossed! Enjoy making these Christmas projects and have fun along the way. Oh, and share your own Christmas projects, I love seeing what other’s are up to.

Button Ornament: 3ten.ca
Button Ornament
Holiday Treat Bark: 3ten.ca
Holiday Treat Bark
Tree Skirt: 3ten.ca
Tree Skirt
Dollar Store Tray: 3ten.ca
Dollar Store Tray
Holiday Dipped Oreos: 3ten.ca
Holiday Dipped Oreos
Reversible Stocking: 3ten.ca
Reversible Stocking
Reindeer Sign: 3ten.ca
Reindeer Sign
Holiday Crack: 3ten.ca
Holiday Crack
Holiday Table Runner: 3ten.ca
Holiday Table Runner
Sugar Scrub: 3ten.ca
Sugar Scrub
White Hot Chocolate: 3ten.ca
White Hot Chocolate
Advent Calendar: 3ten.ca
Advent Calendar

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