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Travel the United States of America – land of the free and home of the brave.

United States

The USA – Bryce and I lived in Dallas, Texas for two years and enjoy visiting state side. I’ve visited a lot of places, yet the United States of America is diverse and as culturally rich as many, many countries combined. I soak it in and site see as much as I can when visiting our neighbour to the south. Some of my favourites include San Francisco and Milwaukee – two very different, yet equally enjoyable places. I’ll never be able to see it all, yet I’m excited to see Seattle and Boston soonish – hopefully within the next couple of years. Here’s hoping!

Where would you recommend travelling in the USA? Leave a comment below – we love checking out new places, especially when it’s a recommendation from an avid traveler who knows their stuff. Check out some of our top places below – and be sure to hit up going to the sun road if you get the chance.

5 Days in Chicago

Chicago Eats

Chicago Sights

Freehand Chicago

Chicago Dinner Eats

Adler Planetarium

Art Institute of Chicago

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago Lunch Eats

Chicago Street Art

Chicago L Train

Chicago Breakfast Eats

Chicago Snapshot

Glacier National Park 2017

Going-To-the-Sun Road

Three Days in Portland

Portland Eats

Portland Market

Oregon Zoo

Downtown Portland

Beautiful Bungalow

Three Days in Seattle

Pike Place Market

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Space Needle

Queen Anne Flats

MoPop Seattle

Portland Snapshot

Seattle Snapshot

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park 2016

Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road

Michigan Hike

Michigan Hike



Milwaukee Eats

Milwaukee Eats

Milwaukee Zoo

Milwaukee Zoo

Las Vegas Neon

Las Vegas Neon


San Francisco

Cars Land

Pixar Parade

Pixar Parade


Disney Parade

Disney Fireworks

Disney Fireworks


Costal Highway

L.A. Zoo: 3ten.ca

L.A. Zoo

Fashion District LA: 3ten.ca

Fashion District LA

CalTech: 3ten.ca


The Grove: 3ten.ca

The Grove

Food Truck Wonderland: 3ten.ca

Food Truck

Santa Monica Pier: 3ten.ca

Santa Monica Pier


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