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The USA – Bryce and I lived in Dallas, Texas for two years and enjoy visiting state side. I’ve visited a lot of places, yet the United States of America is diverse and as culturally rich as many, many countries combined. I soak it in and site see as much as I can when visiting our neighbour to the south. Some of my favourites include San Francisco and Milwaukee – two very different, yet equally enjoyable places. I’ll never be able to see it all, yet I’m excited to see Seattle and Boston soonish – hopefully within the next couple of years. Here’s hoping!

Where would you recommend travelling in the USA? Leave a comment below – we love checking out new places, especially when it’s a recommendation from an avid traveler who knows their stuff. Check out some of our top places below – and be sure to hit up going to the sun road if you get the chance.

Travel Time!
Four Days in Omaha
Omaha Transit - Travel Time!
Omaha Transit
Omaha Dinner Eats - some of the best restaurants in Omaha for dinner.
Omaha Dinner Eats
Historical Building
Durham Museum
Bob's Bridge - the great joining of Nebraska and Iowa!
Bob’s Bridge
Kenefick Park, home of two of the greatest locomotives ever to power Union Pacific Railroad.
Kenefick Park
Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory, a top Omaha attraction!
Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory
Inner Rail Food Hall
Omaha Lunch Eats
Lauritzen Gardens - over a 100 acres of flowers.
Lauritzen Gardens
Omaha Breakfast Eats - the best spots to start your morning!
Omaha Breakfast Eats
Omaha Zoo - one of the world's best zoos.
Omaha Zoo
Scott Aquarium - a great adventure in Omaha!
Scott Aquarium
Artists Cooperative Gallery
Giraffe Habitat at the Omaha Zoo - one of the best experiences ever!
Giraffe Habitat
Old Market Omaha - the historic downtown filled with character.
Old Market
The River Front in Downtown Omaha - the city's newest park!
The River Front
Courtyard Marriott Omaha is a great downtown hotel right near the Old Market.
Courtyard Marriott Omaha
Old Market Omaha - the historic downtown filled with character.
Omaha Snapshot
4 Days in Las Vegas: 3ten.ca
4 Days in Las Vegas
Trip Planning: 3ten.ca
Trip Planning
Five Days in Chicago
Five Days in Chicago
Chicago Eats: 3ten.ca
Chicago Eats
Chicago Sights: 3ten.ca
Chicago Sights
Freehand Chicago: 3ten.ca
Freehand Chicago
Chicago Dinner Eats: 3ten.ca
Chicago Dinner Eats
Adler Planetarium: 3ten.ca
Adler Planetarium
Art Institute of Chicago: 3ten.ca
Art Institute of Chicago
Shedd Aquarium: 3ten.ca
Shedd Aquarium
Chicago Lunch Eats: 3ten.ca
Chicago Lunch Eats
Chicago Street Art: 3ten.ca
Chicago Street Art
Chicago L Train: 3ten.ca
Chicago L Train
Chicago Breakfast Eats: 3ten.ca
Chicago Breakfast Eats
Chicago Snapshot: 3ten.ca
Chicago Snapshot
Glacier National Park 2017
Glacier National Park 2017
Going-to-the-Sun-Road: 3ten.ca
Going-To-the-Sun Road
Three Days in Portland: 3ten.ca
Three Days in Portland
Portland Eats: 3ten.ca
Portland Eats
Portland Saturday Market: 3ten.ca
Portland Saturday Market
Oregon Zoo: 3ten.ca
Oregon Zoo
Downtown Portland: 3ten.ca
Downtown Portland
Beautiful Bungalow Portland: 3ten.ca
Beautiful Bungalow Portland
Three Days in Seattle
Three Days in Seattle
Pike Place Market: 3ten.ca
Pike Place Market
Seattle Aquarium: 3ten.ca
Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Space Needle: 3ten.ca
Seattle Space Needle
Queen Anne Flats: 3ten.ca
Queen Anne Flats
MoPop Museum Seattle: 3ten.ca
MoPop Museum Seattle
Portland Snapshot: 3ten.ca
Portland Snapshot
Seattle Snapshot: 3ten.ca
Seattle Snapshot
Glacier National Park 2016: 3ten.ca
Glacier National Park 2016
Going-to-the-Sun Road: 3ten.ca
Going-to-the-Sun Road
Marquette Michigan Hike: 3ten.ca
Marquette Michigan Hike
Noah's Ark Waterpark: 3ten.ca
Noah’s Ark Waterpark
Milwaukee Eats: 3ten.ca
Milwaukee Eats
Milwaukee Zoo: 3ten.ca
Milwaukee Zoo
Las Vegas Neon: 3ten.ca
Las Vegas Neon
San Francisco: 3ten.ca
San Francisco
California Adventure Cars Land: 3ten.ca
California Adventure Cars Land
California Adventure Parade: 3ten.ca
California Adventure Parade
Disneyland Parade: 3ten.ca
Disneyland Parade
Disneyland Fireworks: 3ten.ca
Disneyland Fireworks
Pacific Costal Highway: 3ten.ca
Pacific Costal Highway
LA Zoo: 3ten.ca
LA Zoo
LA Fashion District: 3ten.ca
LA Fashion District
Cal Tech: 3ten.ca
Cal Tech
The Grove LA: 3ten.ca
The Grove LA
LA Food Truck Wonderland: 3ten.ca
LA Food Truck Wonderland
Santa Monica Pier: 3ten.ca
Santa Monica Pier