Travel: Portland Snapshot

Portland Snapshot:

Portland snapshot. A few days in Portland! What fun. This little Portland snapshot gives you a glimpse into our few days in one of the greenest cities in the world. What? Yes – they are top 3 in the world and number one in the USA, well, North America, actually. They have also banned the use of plastic bags – so awesome. Okay, let’s check out a couple of photos.


Above – that’s the welcome sign to the west of the Burnside bridge. It was a challenge to get, yet so bright at night! I love that the city is taking care of such traditional landmarks. So fun.

Below – that’s us at Tom McCall Waterfront Park – so pretty and peaceful. The day is sunny and bright and the best part – watching all the people. People are running, doing yoga in the park, and just hanging out and reading. Life at its best.

We had such fun while in Portland. The zoo, forest walks and food. Oh, the food.

Portland Snapshot:

The Saturday Market is a great spot to check out local artists, too. They have everything from pottery and homemade jewelry to stockings and headbands.

Portland Snapshot:

Overall, we had a great vacation and Portland was a great way to end the trip. The city is a little more relaxed than Vancouver or Seattle, giving us a bit more down time, which is always needed on vacation, right?

Don’t forget to check back on the blog as I’ll be sharing a few more in depth highlights of our trip.

Happy Sunday and if you’re on March Break – all the best going back to work tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed this Portland snapshot. Bye!

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