Tipsy – our 1972 fiberglass travel trailer that takes us camping and is our home away from home.

Plus, we have also made a hobby of fixing up other Boler trailers and sharing them with the world.


The trailer above is from 1972 and we purchased it the summer of 2012. Tipsy is a Canadian made Boler travel trailer and one of our passionate hobbies. I think thus far we’ve invested far over 200 hours into Tipsy and at least 60 of those hours are sanding fiberglass; which, let me tell you, is not fun. It’s a great arm workout, but not fun. Even now, more than a handful years later, we still enjoy working on Tipsy. Below are some photos of our 1972 vintage trailer and other trailers we’ve fixed up.

It’s been so much work that I could fill up an entire blog about our travel trailer and instead of taking over this one, I ventured over to Tumblr and Instagram which are solely dedicated to our Boler hobby.


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Instagram: @tipsy.the.boler

Feel free to drop me a line and ask questions – people find me in odd ways, through Instagram or Pinterest to ask me about our egg. We’ve done so much from building the frame to refinishing the inside. The trailer was used as an ice-fishing hut before we got it. The trailer had holes in the bottom of it and was covered with so much spray foam insulation. Talk about another arm workout – grinding and more grinding. All in all, we’ve invested a lot of love into our 13 foot travel trailer. It’s so fun. Click below to see more and happy camping!

Tipsy the Boler After
Tipsy the Boler After
Tipsy the Boler Before:
Tipsy the Boler Before
How to Sew Boler Trailer Cushion Covers:
How to Sew Boler Trailer Cushion Covers
Toots the Boler After:
Toots the Boler After
Toots the Boler Before:
Toots the Boler Before
Nikki the Boler After:
Nikki the Boler After
Nikki the Boler Before:
Nikki the Boler Before
How to Take the Frame Off a Boler:
How to Take the Frame off a Boler
Scooby Doo the Boler After:
Scooby Doo After
Scooby Doo the Boler Before:
Scooby Doo Before
My Ole Lady the Boler After:
My Ole Lady the Boler After
My Ole Lady the Boler Before:
My Ole Lady the Boler Before
Go RVing Post
Go RVing Post
Apartment Therapy:
Apartment Therapy
Larry the Boler After
Larry the Boler Before:
Larry the Boler Before
Banff National Park 2018
Banff National Park 2018
How to Fiberglass a Boler:
How to Fiberglass a Boler
Elk Island National Park 2018
Elk Island National Park 2018
Waterton Lake National Park 2018
Waterton Lakes National Park 2018
Minnie the Boler After:
Minnie the Boler After
Minnie the Boler Before:
Minnie the Boler Before
Kootenay National Park 2018:
Kootenay National Park 2018

Prince Albert National Park 2018:
Prince Albert National Park 2018
Benny the Boler After:
Benny the Boler After
Benny the Boler Before
Benny the Boler Before
Tipsy the Boler
Tipsy the Boler
Sunny D the Boler After:
Sunny D the Boler After
Sunny D the Boler Before:
Sunny D the Boler Before
Glacier National Park 2017:
Glacier National Park 2017
Going-To-the-Sun Road
Glacier National Park 2016
Glacier National Park 2016
Tipsy the Boler:
Tipsy the Boler
Project Boler:
Project Boler