Nikki the Boler Before:

Project: Nikki the Boler Before

Nikki the Boler Before:

Nikki the Boler before – this is what she looked like before we did anything. No front or back windows, no interior furniture (ah, maybe she had a closet?!) and a a heck of a lot of work!

We started this project as a commissioned piece back in October and finished it in March, yet we wanted to wait until Nikki (aka, Boler Bar) was picked up before we shared her before and after here on the blog.

Okay, let’s check out some other before photos!

Nikki the Boler Before

Look at all those vent holes, small windows, inlets and outlet holes. Yucky. We’re going to cover all but the window, so that’s 8 holes on the driver’s side we’ll be covering and filling. That’s a lot of fiberglass work!

Nikki the Boler Before:

Augh, that jack and the frame! It needs some love and support. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it up so it’s nice and strong.

Nikki the Boler Before:

Ah! Yes, she did have the closet – there it is, to the left.

I remember when we picked up Nikki we saw the back driver’s side sag and thought – what are we going to do? Well, with a little problem solving we figured it out pretty quickly – we’ll just replace the floor!

Inside the Vintage Trailer:

All the little details are messy – new hinge kits needed, yet the hinges can be polished up, for sure.

The Details:

Here’s our shop supervisor giving the demo work a once over – not that there was a lot of demo, yet everything is out and cleaned up. Daphne is an awesome shop dog!

Shop Supervisor:

Look at that floor!

Nikki the Boler Before:

That’s a big gap.

Nikki the Boler Before:

Again, all of those holes – she’s going to look so good after all our hard work.

Nikki the Boler Before:

Nikki the Boler Before:

Okay, well there you have it – Nikki the Boler before we get started. For those of you who don’t follow along on Instagram, this one is going to be a little different than a standard camping trailer.

Thanks for visiting and we’ll see you again soon!


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