Visit Thailand – it’s easy as a Canadian – no visa required!



This country is rich in culture and a must visit for anyone. Temples, food, and massages galore. It’s breathtaking and very hot. Visit the coast and stay cool if you’re visiting during the hot months. I didn’t visit much of this country other than Bangkok, yet from what I saw, it’s beautiful and at peace. I’ve heard Railay is beautiful and much quieter than Phuket which has a reputation for being a party haven. Not really my thing. The best part about being Canadian and visiting Thailand is that you don’t need a visa – you can just get on a plane with a passport and you’re all set. So awesome.

The 3 days I spent in Bangkok were full of pad thai, temples, and boat rides. Oh, and markets – you can’t forget the markets. Sunglasses for 75 cents or massages for 3 dollars? Ah, yes! What about some noodles, yes, pad thai, for only a buck! I know – just a dollar. Take a tuk-tuk and walk the streets of Bangkok and enjoy the warm air as you experience the rich culture of this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

3 Weeks in Southeast Asia:
3 Weeks in Southeast Asia
3 Days in Bangkok:
3 Days in Bangkok
Wat Arun:
Wat Arun
Wat Pho:
Wat Pho
Grand Palace:
Grand Palace
Jim Thompson House:
Jim Thompson House
Adamaz House:
Adamaz House
Home Safe:
Home Safe
Bangkok Snapshot
Bangkok Snapshot
Packing in a 33L Backpack:
Packing in a 33L Backpack
Off the Continent:
Off the Continent