Bangkok Snapshot

Travel: Bangkok Snapshot

Bangkok Snapshot:

Bangkok snapshot – the second stop on our April 2016 vacation and our first stop in Southeast Asia. Bonus – Canadian’s don’t need a visa. So awesome.

Above is our first experience with tuk-tuks – all the drivers are sleeping! We took a taxi (who tried to rip us off, actually – that story to come later) from the airport and then after checking in to our hotel, a boutique hotel, actually, we took the local’s boat down the river to Chinatown. Our hotel is much nicer and far less than our hotel in Hong Kong – I’ll share all of those details later.

Bangkok Snapshot

Back to Bangkok – this city has some of the best pad thai and some of the biggest hustlers I’ve ever seen – you need to be on your toes at times and in all sincerity, I don’t know how people who drink keep their wits about them here. It’s not bad by any means and I’ve felt safe the entire time I’ve been here, but if I had a few beers (I don’t drink anymore at all – not since 2010) I might be more willing to pay the tuk-tuk driver what he’s asking and essentially paying 300% more than the going rate. See, they hustle you.

Bangkok is full of culture and more people than Hong Kong. The capital of Thailand is home to more than 8 million people but it hasn’t felt like it yet – not at all.

Chinatown, pictured below, was full of energy and alley markets – so fun.

Bangkok Snapshot:

We still have some temples to do – the Grand Palace and Wat Pho – oh, and Thai massages on our list, too. Then, after we’ve experienced this lovely city we’re off to Cambodia. Our first stop in Cambodia is Siem Reap and we’re excited because our hotel has a pool! It’s about time we get some reprieve from this warm and humid weather.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you again soon – from Cambodia!

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