For the Baby

For the baby – sewing projects for the wee one in your life. These tutorials are too cute. Be sure to check them out.

For the Baby

Sewing for the baby – these tutorials are sweet for the tiny human in your life. They work for baby shower gifts, for your own little one, or even just as a thank you to a new mom for being so awesome. New moms are awesome, right? My cousin and my sister-in-law are newish moms (2015) and they are both wonderful people and even better moms.

One of my favourite tutorials below is the shopping cart or restaurant high chair cover – it’s just so big and so fun to make. Looking for a quick gift or tutorial, then check out the many burp cloth tutorials. Brand new moms love them, especially when they’re not super tiny since those little ones do make quite a mess, so I’ve been told. The Paddington Bear Baby Set was also a lot of fun to make. In the end these sewing tutorials are for the average sewer but they will make you feel far better than average when you see them in use for the baby in your life. Babies are such a joy. Check out the tutorials below and have fun sewing.

Welcome to the World Rookie:
Welcome to the World Rookie
Baby Gift Set Three
Baby Gift Set Three
Baby Gift Set Two:
Baby Gift Set Two
Baby Gift Set One:
Baby Gift Set One
Baby Girl Gift Set:
Baby Girl Gift Set
Batman PeePee TeePees:
Batman PeePee TeePees
Batman Baby Blanket:
Batman Baby Blanket
Paddington Bear Baby Set:
Paddington Bear Baby Set
Baby Gift Bags:
Baby Gift Bags
Car Toy Bag:
Car Toy Bag
Car Toy Garage:
Car Toy Garage
Pacifier Clips:
Pacifier Clips
Cotton Grab Toy:
Cotton Grab Toy
Triangle Quilt:
Triangle Quilt
Receiving Blanket:
Receiving Blanket
Baby Seat Cover:
Baby Seat Cover
Hooded Towels:
Hooded Towels
Modern Burp Cloths:
Modern Burp Cloths
Cozy Burp Cloths:
Cozy Burp Cloths

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