For the Home

For the home – some great sewing projects for your home or a loved one’s home. Check them out below.

For the Home

For the Home:

Sewing for the home is so fun and often functional. Not only do you get to have fun sewing, but you also get to use what you make when you have dinner, such as placemats or napkins, or even when you’re baking, if you sew up the cupcake apron below. These tutorials are easy to follow and don’t require much time at all. The best part is, many of these tutorials would be great host gifts the next time you’re invited to a dinner party. Be sure to check them out and sew up.

A few of my favourites are the pillows (all of them – they are all great) and the dog beds. The dog beds were so fun to make because the fabric is so bright and fun. Who doesn’t love pops of red? I do! Happy sewing.

Christmas Tree Skirt:
Christmas Tree Skirt
Pillows and Stockings:
Pillows and Stockings
Fabric Holiday Bows:
Fabric Holiday Bows
Fabric Christmas Ornaments:
Fabric Christmas Ornaments
Dog Stocking:
Dog Stocking
Flower Runner:
Flower Runner
Mitered Corner Placemats:
Mitered Corner Placemats
Broadcloth Napkins:
Broadcloth Napkins
Piping Pillows:
Piping Pillows
Outdoor Placemats:
Outdoor Placemats
Outdoor Table Runner:
Outdoor Table Runner
Outdoor Pillows:
Outdoor Pillows
Chair Throw:
Chair Throw
Paperless Towels:
Paperless Towels
Pillow Case:
Pillow Case
Drawstring Bag:
Drawstring Bag
Pattern Weighs:
Pattern Weighs
Pillowcase Apron:
Pillowcase Apron
Lunch Napkin:
Lunch Napkin
Valentine's Day Placemats:
Valentine’s Day Placemats
Lunch Bag:
Lunch Bag
Magazine Bag:
Magazine Bag
Halloween Runner:
Halloween Runner
Hot Oven Mitts:
Hot Oven Mitts
Navy Runner and Placemats:
Navy Runner and Placemats
Funky Runner and Napkins:
Funky Runner and Napkins
Bold Runner and Napkins:
Bold Runner and Napkins
Outdoor Placemat:
Outdoor Placemat
Cupcake Apron:
Cupcake Apron
Tree Skirt:
Tree Skirt
Reversible Stocking:
Reversible Stocking
Holiday Table Runner:
Holiday Table Runner
Advent Calendar:
Advent Calendar
Ironing Board Cover:
Ironing Board Cover
Game Day Pillows:
Game Day Pillows
Silk Tree Curtains:
Silk Tree Curtains
Picnic Napkins:
Picnic Napkins
Outdoor Placemats:
Outdoor Placemats
Dr. Seuss Bath Towels:
Dr. Seuss Bath Towels
Cozy Duvet:
Cozy Duvet
Picnic Blanket:
Picnic Blanket
Dog Bed:
Dog Bed
Piping 101:
Piping 101
Terry Cloth Dish Towels:
Terry Cloth Dish Towels
Letter Placemats:
Letter Placemats
Terry Towel Dish Cloths:
Terry Towel Dish Cloths
Holiday Napkins:
Holiday Napkins
Cozy Pillow Covers:
Cozy Pillow Covers
Letter Pillows:
Letter Pillows

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