Sewing: Square Patch Runner Three

June 4, 2015 |  by  |  Sewing, Tutorials

Square Patch Runner:

Square patch runner three. This one is huge! You need a big table for this runner. In my square patch runner one tutorial I made it 5 squares by 2 squares. This one is 7 by 2 and in this rich navy and white fabric. A bit of a nautical theme here.

What you need:

  • 14 fabric squares that measure 8×8
  • backing fabric that measures 16×56
  • serger
  • matching thread
  • machine
  • 2 yards of heavy outdoor material for placemats

First, the placemats. I used a heavy woven outdoor fabric. I cut them 16×16 and rolled hemmed each side – fray checking the corners. They are heavy enough to stand on their own. Took me 20 minutes to make 6 – the perfect number to accompany this large runner.

Okay…on to the runner.

Square Patch Runner:

Cut the squares and serge them just like in the square patch runner one tutorial. Then, right sides together, serge the edges. Leave an opening to turn right side out. Pin it closed and top stitch all around.

Be sure to iron out your fabric! I ironed mine as I serged each edge, thus keeping it nice and taught.

Square Patch Runner: 3ten.caSquare Patch Runner: 3ten.caSquare Patch Runner: 3ten.caSquare Patch Runner:

Done! It’s so big and so pretty. This runner will be sure to dress up any table – indoor or outdoor.

Hopefully the person who took home this prize at my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower is happy with it. It washes up well and looks great.

Square Patch Runner: 3ten.caSquare Patch Runner:

It’s time for a BBQ…or maybe a clam bake? Oooo, that sounds so good. Yes, let us do that!

Square Patch Runner:

Get to the fabric store, buy what you like and get sewing. Not only is it fun, it’s good for your creative health. Keep your mind active and engaged. Sew up and enjoy the weekend. Summer is here and I couldn’t be more excited to get outdoors and into my garden. Maybe we’ll ave a treat to make soon, with some things I’ve grown. Oh, what fun!

See you soon.


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