• Fall Fat Quarter Scarf: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Fall Fat Quarter Scarf

    Fall fat quarter scarf. This is the second scarf I’ve made this way and I’m loving these deep navy and pink colours. Just perfect for fall. So, what is a fat quarter? It’s a quilting term used for breaking up a yard of fabric into quarters – and fat ones, I assume. They’re not square, since a most fabric isn’t a yard wide.What I like most about them is it’s quick and easy to determine how much fabric you need. On this scarf I picked…

  • Owl Travel Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Owl Bag

    This little owl bag is perfect for travelling as a make-up bag, carrying books, or even housing pottery tools! Meal prep Sunday time. I follow @leefromamerica on Instagram. She is a flat out inspiration. Two weeks ago I was inspired to revamp our fridge and jump on the meal prep train. Have you seen the pottery Bryce and I made? Check it out if you haven’t yet. Okay, back to this bright and cheery bag. I made it similar to the make-up bag I made…

  • Pillows and Stockings: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifty Two: Christmas Stockings and Pillows

    Christmas stockings and pillows. It’s time to get sewing. Christmas is tomorrow! Tomorrow?! That’s flat out exciting. Today I’m going to share my last sewing post of the series 52 Weeks of Sewing. Yes, I’ve done a sewing project a week for the last year and it’s coming to a close. This week I’m combining two tutorials. I’ve already done versions of these, yet I’ve got a bit of an update for this year. These Christmas stockings and pillows are coordinated and festive. Let’s get…

  • Fabric Christmas Ornaments: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifty One: Fabric Christmas Ornaments

    Fabric Christmas ornaments are here – they are so cute and easy to make, you should try them out. Did you see the bunched fabric balls from earlier this week? Well, I needed something to make with all of those white squares, so I made these ornaments. Let’s get started! What You Need 1/2 a yard of fabric scraps of fabric 10-20 feet of ribbon serger machine scissors matching thread iron ironing board buttons First, gather all of your fabric. I made two shapes. Squares,…

  • Dog Stocking: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Fifty: Reversible Dog Stocking

    Oh my – Christmas is only 15 days away. Wow! Oh, and this is my third last post for the 52 weeks of sewing. It’s time for the reversible dog stocking. You’ve most likely seen these on Pinterest and tried to find a tutorial – I tried and failed. Most pins are of people selling them on Etsy – and one, the best one I found, wasn’t a full bone. The backing was a bone and then the front was like a big pocket. Not…