Baby Gift Set One:

Sewing: Baby Gift Set One

Baby Gift Set One:

Baby gift set one! I can’t believe I didn’t share these 4 years ago when I made them for my sweet nephew in Ontario. Look at those little foxes? Aren’t they just the cutest? Well, I’ll share the patterns I used for this adorable gift set, yet the part that’s the most fun is picking out the coordinating fabric.

On this set I picked out three key fabrics that tied together, but didn’t matchy-match. No, you want a good combination of neutrals with fun fabrics and a few pops of colour. What grounds these three fabrics together is the blue-green colours. Okay, let’s get sewing.

Baby Gift Set One

I made one of each in the different fabrics I picked out, making this little gift set full of 12 items. Oh, and on the bibs, I used loops rather than button holes, like in the tutorial.

Okay, let’s check out these pieces in more detail.

Teething Rings:
Pee-Pee Tee-Pees:

Look at that little fox? And his super funky sweater – it’s it just the best? I love these bight and bold colours, so good for children to experience all the colours of the rainbow!

Baby Bib:
Baby Bib:

The buttons were so fun, too. Nice soft and matte buttons that I coordinated with each gift set, too. Now let’s look at all the pieces together.

Baby Gift Set One:
Baby Gift Set One:

Awe – these made me so happy to make and to gift. Such fun. Well, there you have it – a baby gift set. Stick around since I’ve got a couple more sets to share in the next week or so. See you again soon.

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