Baby Gift Set Two:

Sewing: Baby Gift Set Two

Baby Gift Set Two:

Baby gift set two. Did you catch the first set earlier this week? Well, I still can’t believe I didn’t share these 4 years ago. I wonder why not? Probably life – it gets busy sometimes (or maybe all the time?!) and things slip. Okay, either way, I’m excited to share this grey gift set with a pop of an orange fox.

Why do I like this little fox? Well, it probably has something to do with a photo that’s etched in my memory. My parents had a camp (Northern Ontario name for a cottage or summer house) and when I was about 2 I was at the screen door, in a little sundress with a hat on, hands up on the door and guess what came over to say hi? A little red fox! I’m pretty sure this is why I find this little fox so fun – plus, he has the coolest bandana.

Okay, let’s get sewing.

Baby Gift Set Two

Now that you’ve got the list of sewing tutorials, let’s take a peek at these gifts up close!

For these pacifier clips I not only topstitched so they look better, I also put a loop on the end rather than velcro, that way you just loop it like you would loop a hair elastic to your belt loop (any one else do that?). Oh, and you’ll notice that making sure you’re cutting the fabric in it’s ideal spot is key – I wanted these foxes front and centre!

Pacifier Clips:
Diaper Covers:
Diaper Covers:
Door Latch Covers:

Aren’t these all just the cutest? Okay – the whole baby gift set two together.

Baby Gift Set Two:

Well, there you have it – a little gift set for a wee little human. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you again soon!

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