Toots the Boler After:

Project: Toots the Boler After

Toots the Boler After:

Toots the Boler after – that’s right, we’re done Toots the Boler and here are some of his after photos. Check out the adorable paint job, the clean body look, and a few of the new shinny features.

Toots the Boler After

First, the outside – look at that bellyband shine!

Toots the Boler After:

The driver’s side is nice and clean – no vents and no small window above the stove. This 1971 gem didn’t need much fibreglass work since the driver’s side was originally clean looking. Just a water outlet on one side and the inlet on the other.

Driver's Side Boler:

How about a little Boler safety? Chains – check! New jack – check! Heavy duty coupler – check! Not to mention the fancy new propane tank – custom painted.

Do you like the white frame? We love it – neat and clean, plus it keeps the Boler looking light on it’s ‘feet’!! White frames will require a bit of yearly maintenance, yet well worth the look.

Boler Safety:

Also, check out these side windows – so nice and clean with new gaskets ta-boot. Loving the clean white window trim on these clean yet original windows.

Boler Window:

Okay, let’s head inside and take a closer look. That door – the best fitting door yet. Also, just a note that it’s not latched!

Boler Door:

Now for all the coziness on the inside.

The back dinette seats four or sleeps two.

Toots the Boler After:
Toots the Boler After:

The bunk at the front converts to a couch or a perfectly snuggly spot for a pup.

Toots the Boler After:

The kitchen has the original sink and stove, yet all cleaned up and ready for some snack making duty.

Toots the Boler After:

All in all, Toots the Boler certainly cleaned up nicely – thanks to our hard work. Did you see the before? If not, you should check it out.

These lights are some of the best – full on school bus lights to keep you safe and well lit up at night. Plus, they’re a-okay for weather.

Toots the Boler After:

Well, thanks for visiting – hope you enjoyed our most recent overhaul!

Toots the Boler After:

Happy camping and I’ll see you again soon.


    • Ali

      Hi Brenda,

      Thanks for the note, for Toots the Boler we went with Bali Hai in Cloverdale’s marine grade enamel – you’ll most likely need a business account as it’s industrial paint.

      Take care,

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