Toots the Boler Before:

Project: Toots the Boler Before

Toots the Boler Before:

Toots the Boler before the overhaul. This little guy is called Toots – mainly because he had a bit of a toot-y smell to him when we picked him up in British Columbia a while back.

Toots the Boler Before

Toots is a 1971 Boler. He came with a stove, and ice box and a sink.

Oh, and our favourite part – the driver’s side is originally vent and window (the little one by the stove) free!

Driver's Side:

Looks like a sweet little project. Well, this beauty towed the 1500km home like a champ. Now, let’s take a closer look inside!

Dirty Ensolite:

The ensolite is quite dirty, yet it cleaned right up with some Vim and a power washer. Plus, we’ll paint it with mould resistant paint and fill a few of the imperfections.

Toots the Boler Before:

Look at that floor! This 1971 beauty has a wood floor that needs full replacing.

You can also see in the photo above that we took off all the seam tape for the ensolite. Seam tape is growing on us, so we might use it in future.

Boler Kitchen:

Check out this 1971 Boler kitchen – you can see that this beauty didn’t have a furnace. Nope, just an ice box, stove and a sink. Oh, and a bit of storage on the lower part. The uppers have 3 cabinets, too. We did think about keeping the avocado green, yet decided against it down the line.

Toots the Boler Before:

It’s floor gutting time. Look at all that rotten wood. Yuck!

Toots the Boler Before:

The lights – these cake toppers are adorable, yet we’ll upgrade to fully LED school bus lights and smooth over the light covers for a cleaner more modern look.

Boler Window:

This original window will get some disassembly, polish and gaskets and trim replaced. It’s all about those little details.

Toots the Boler Before:

We’ll also sandblast the frame, reinforce it and paint it a nice bright white. White frames do require a bit of maintenance each year, yet they look so good!

Toots the Boler Before:

Well, there you have it – Toots the Boler before. Stick around and visit next week when we share the after photos.

Toots takes on quite the transformation! See you again soon.


  • Ann-Marie Fleming

    Hi Ali,

    I saw your listing on Kijiji and had to check out your blog showing all your boler projects. You have done such an amazing job. I’m hoping to be able to buy a boler next year but wanted to drop you a line to say great job! I’m giving you a slow clap of approval especially for scooby do. Wow what a transformation. How long does it usually takes you to restore these?

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Ali

      Hi Ann-Marie!

      Larry the Boler that was for sale just this week was being sold by the family who purchased it from us back in 2018. You’re so sweet with your slow clap – too cute! Scooby Doo is such a transformation – that trailer was such fun. They take between 3-12 weeks, depending on how much time we put into them. More realistically, it takes about 250-400 hours of work. Thanks again!

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