Family photos are the best kind of photos – here are some pictures of my loves, my family.

Family Photos


I love taking photos not only because it’s fun, but also because photos provide feelings of joy and excitement when I look back on them. Don’t they just make you feel all cozy when you look at old photos? Pictures, moments and memories make me happy and they make me smile from ear to ear. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do and be sure to snap a few the next time you’re out and about. The trick, however, is not not live behind the camera. Find the balance between living in the moment and capturing the moment; sometimes one is more important than the other, yet only you will know.

Lily-cat and her snoring is a great post and if you haven’t seen our wedding photos yet, be sure to check that one out, too. Click below to see the posts in more detail.

Goodbye Lily-Cat
Lily’s 9th Birthday
Thunder Story
A Thunder Story
Woof Wednesday 2.0
Woof Wednesday 2.0
Goodbye Sweet Bella
Goodbye Sweet Bella
Polar Plunge
Polar Plunge
Pilaties Before/After
Yoga Before/After
Dog Treats
Dog Treats
Paint Gun
Paint Gun Hunt
Wood Wednesday
Woof Wednesday
Happy Holidays 2013:
Holiday Photo
First Snow 2013:
First Snow 2013
Wedding Day Photos:
Wedding Day
Thanksgiving Photo 2013:
Thanksgiving Photo
National Puppy Day:
National Puppy Day
Lazy Day:
Lazy Day
Snowman Time:
Snowman Time