Snowman Time!

December 16, 2012 |  by  |  Photos, Projects

Snowman Time:

Snowman Time

It’s not very often that the snow in Northern Alberta gets heavy and dense like it does in Ontario – the perfect snowman making snow. This kind of snow calls for a high-five, for sure!
Bella supervising while Lily hunts for branches for arms in the background.

Snowman Time:

Lily helping, or rather trying to eat the snowman.

I didn’t have dogs growing up, and as an adult I’m more amazed by them – I can’t believe how much my pups love to eat snow. Who knew?

Snowman Time:

Not my nose! No – no.

She got it – Bella is a trickster who usually gets what she wants.

Snowman Time:

Stay warm out there, people.


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