• Woof Wednesday 8.0

    Photos: Woof Wednesday 8.0

    Woof Wednesday 8.0! Daphne has had the best winter, from hikes to super-fabulous daycare days, this girl is one happy pup. Oh, and she likes nose kisses. Who knew?! Below I’ll share some photos, mostly captured by her lovely daycare pals, which highlight her personality. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Woof Wednesday 8.0 First up, look how fluffy this pup is – doesn’t she just look like a cuddle muffin? Not sure what a cuddle muffin is, but I think it’s something cute, soft…

  • Four years with Daphne!

    Photos: Woof Wednesday 7.0

    It’s Woof Wednesday 7.0 time – being in Australia for 29 days we most certainly missed this sweet pup. All four paws and two shaggy ears! Daphne came into our lives 3 years ago, so this is our fourth round of comparable photos. Bryce and I aren’t aging one bit, haha. Also, I switched up the way I hold her in the photos. When she was younger I could easily hold her by her back legs, with my arm underneath her kneecaps, yet not any…

  • Daphne turns three! She's had such a great year, this sweet pup is enjoying life!

    Photos: Daphne Turns Three

    Daphne turns three! The last year has been a blast with this sweet pup – from longer sleep-ins, to longer hikes, this pup is ready for her best year yet! Okay, let’s check out some photos from the past year. Daphne Turns Three First up, she ate Bear’s nose. This is my stuffie from when I was born, Tiger’s fan an all. Well, Daph-Daph snagged Bear one day and nibbled at his nose until it came off. Not to worry, Bryce just crazy-glued it back…

  • Woof Wednesday 6.0 - time to celebrate Daphne the Afghan Hound. Nothing special other than the fact that we love this four pawed pup.

    Photos: Woof Wednesday 6.0

    Woof Wednesday 6.0 – time to celebrate Daphne the Afghan Hound. Nothing special other than the fact that we love this four pawed pup. One thing we used to say when we had Bella and Lily, is ‘did the hound eat’ or ‘does the hound need a foot bath’. You get the idea, we used hound instead of dog. Well, oddly Bryce and I started laughing back in December 2019 when we fell into this habit again – why, because Daphne is indeed a hound…

  • Two Year Gotcha Day: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Woof Wednesday 5.0

    It’s Woof Wednesday 5.0! We’re celebrating Daphne’s 2 year gotcha day last weekend, full of fluffy memories and fun adventures. Daphne the Afghan Hound is one sweet pup – check out her before and after photos below. Two Year Gotcha Day! We lucked out with the warmish day on Saturday, December 11 – so I could keep up my blue theme with a t-shirt and hoodie. I joked with Bryce that one year it’s going to be minus 20 or so and I’ll need to…

  • Daphne Turns Two: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Daphne Turns Two

    Daphne turns two – that’s right, our sweep pup Daphne is now more than 2 years old – so wild! She spent her first night at home with us in December 2019 and we have loved her ever since. Daph-Daph is full of sass, is particular about treats, and loves to run. She’s a nap-a-holic and gets two walks a day. Oh, and during these hot summer days she’s likes to hide indoors by the ac vents. Ah, just a little spoiled, yes. Okay –…

  • Daphne Gets a Haircut: 3ten.ca

    Photos: Daphne Gets a Haircut

    Daphne gets a haircut! Well, this is her fifth big haircut and she’ll be two in July. She’s an Afghan Hound and her hair keeps growing and growing. She’s such a pretty pup, but her long hair is a magnet for sticks (sometimes branches), dirt and all things wilderness. Back in late April she got a haircut and looks like a totally different pup – same sassiness, though – no worries there! Okay, let’s check out some before photos. Before This bed is her favourite…