These photos are of special events or special places that I’m sharing with you – take a peek through the lens of my camera and see into the moments of my heart that make my life whole.

Enjoy…and click away.



Visiting amazing places is one of the best things – experiences over stuff – the best way to live (or maybe a good balance between the two…). Click above for a full list of places we’ve travelled. Most recently, Going-to-the-Sun-Road was beautiful. Visit soon before the glaciers are gone. We also visited East Asia and Southeast Asia this past spring – an unforgettable experience. Travel to live is a joyous motto.


Family – what? Yes, I”m sharing pics of my family – we love dogs and love having fun. Want to see more, then click above.

Life and Home:

These are just a few of my favourites of some pics around my home and a bit of my life. We enjoy living in the country and the snow here in Northern Alberta – it’s an adventure, that’s for sure. Click above for more insight into some life and home moments.

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