• Windy Ridge Point is a 5km trail in Nordegg - it's hard, yet rewarding!

    Travel: Windy Point Ridge

    Windy Point Ridge is a 5km hard hiking trail in Nordegg, Alberta. It’s gives you an awesome view of Lake Abraham, and has a nice trailhead area where you can park, have a picnic, and even take a dip to…

  • Summer cesar salad - a fresh and fruit filled dish. Let's eat up!

    Recipe: Summer Cesar Salad

    Summer cesar salad – a fresh and fruit filled dish. It’s perfect for summer BBQs, or as a side for lunch. Take out the croutons and replace them with berries, and for the bacon lovers, some hearty peaches or nectarines…

  • Travel

    Travel: Omaha Snapshot

    Omaha snapshot! Why Omaha, Nebraska you ask? Well, why not – they have an incredible zoo, some awesome museums, and some mighty-fine midwest food. Plus, the pedestrian bridge to Iowa is quite cool. Check out some of our photos below!…

  • Cheesy monkey bread is a classic pull-a-part treat!

    Recipe: Cheesy Monkey Bread

    Cheesy monkey bread – the perfect pull-a-part treat. It’s delicious and fluffy right out of the oven, and a super-duper snack for lunches, or a potluck. I used a lot of cheese (who doesn’t love cheese!) and it turned out…

  • Four days in Tofino is the perfect amount of time to eat, hike, and explore.

    Travel: Four days in Tofino

    Four days in Tofino – one of the best places to eat, hike, and explore. Below I share some photos of our extra long weekend from back in April. We ate such delicious food, hiked some amazing trails, and explored…

  • Daphne turns three! She's had such a great year, this sweet pup is enjoying life!

    Photos: Daphne Turns Three

    Daphne turns three! The last year has been a blast with this sweet pup – from longer sleep-ins, to longer hikes, this pup is ready for her best year yet! Okay, let’s check out some photos from the past year.…

  • Independence Day Treats! From red, white, and blue - these treats are for you!

    Recipe: Independence Day Treats

    Independence Day treats! These red, white, and blue cookies are just for you. For your next BBQ, or even your long weekend road trip, these treats will help you celebrate in a fun and easy way. Plus, no need to…