• Independence Day Brownies

    Recipe: Independence Day Sweets

    Independence Day Sweets! It’s July 4th and it’s time to celebrate with some red, white, and blue. If you’re in the mood to bake, or perhaps just to add a bit of sparkle to some pre-bought cookies, then you’re covered! Let’s get to it – time for sweets! Independence Day Sweets The brownies and the cake pops are two of our favourites. Yet, if you’re looking for something fast, try the treats. Okay, you want to know why the brownies and the cake pops are…

  • Canada Day GF Cake Pops: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Canada Day Sweets

    Canada Day sweets! That’s right, here are some of my top sweet treats for July 1. Cookies? Yes! Brownies? You bet! Cake pops?! Of course. It’s time to celebrate this wonderful country with red and white sprinkles. Okay, let’s check out some of these sweet treats. Canada Day Sweets Well, there you have it, the links to the top five sweets to celebrate on Monday, or today if you’re so eager. Let’s check out some photos of these treats in action. Up first, the brownies.…

  • Easter Brunch 2024

    Project: Easter Brunch 2024

    Easter brunch 2024! That’s right, it’s time to celebrate with some delicious eats. Freshness all around on this one. A lot of citrus, some soft eggs, and healthy fats. I love food and this brunch is a sure winner. Plus, you can make and prep a lot of things ahead of time. Okay, let’s get cooking! Easter Brunch 2024 Did you see the two most recent breakfast salads I shared? Well, I shouldn’t say breakfast, since the cauliflower fritter salad is great with BBQ chicken…

  • Beet and Citrus Salad

    Recipe: Beet and Citrus Salad

    Beet and citrus salad – it’s the perfect way to ring in spring. This salad is light, fresh, and packs a punch. It does require a bit of prep, since roasting the beets does take some time, yet other than that, it’s quick and easy. Plus, it holds up well. We enjoy it for dinner with turkey burgers or even breakfast with poached eggs and toast. Okay, let’s get to slicing. Ingredients First, if you haven’t done so already, roast the beets until tender. Once…

  • Cauliflower Fitter Salad

    Recipe: Cauliflower Fritter Salad

    Cauliflower fritter salad – it’s the perfect way to bring freshness and bite to salad time. This salad has a lemon garlic dressing which adds richness to the warm cauliflower fritters. Okay, let’s check out how to make this dinner time (or brunch!) salad. Time to cook! Ingredients First, the cauliflower tots linked above are good! You could of course make your own, yet that’s a lot of work. Right now, we’ve got a few projects on the go both at home and at work,…

  • American Thanksgiving 2023

    Recipe: American Thanksgiving 2023

    American Thanksgiving 2023. It’s that time of year again, turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the family laughs you can get! I’m not too sure about you, but the last few months have flown by! Okay, let’s get into these recipes. American Thanksgiving 2023 The above three recipes are my go to ones for thanksgiving or holidays in general. Classic dinner items, then you can spice things up with a salad, side dish, or even a special dessert. Mashed potatoes are my absolute favourite – they’re…

  • Treat Time!

    Recipe: Carrot Cake Cookies

    Carrot cake cookies – and they’re gluten free! These are fluffy, crumbly, and cake like cookies that are perfect toppers for ice cream or on their own as a sweet snack. Okay, let’s bake up! First, it’s a similar recipe to the carrot cake cheesecake bars I made a couple of weeks ago. I often make them at the same time, just adding a bit more flour to the cookies once the bar batter is halved out. Saves me time in the kitchen! Okay, let’s…