Home project tutorials as a result of 3ten.ca! These are projects for the home that are inspired by living in the country.


Projects for the home due to the creative mind. My mind! From monogramed Halloween pumpkins to paw print art, the projects below are the result of my rural life. One of my favourite projects is of course the concrete countertops – mainly because they look so good; but also because they were a huge project and we’re super proud of how they turned out. A lot of sweat went into those countertops hence, they hold a dear place in my heart.

The barn door is also a popular post, especially on Pinterest. It’s beautiful and most of all, functional. Some of these projects below are sewing tutorials, however, not all of them involved a sewing machine. A lot of the tutorials you can do for your home without knowing how to sew (although, I’ll admit it helps at times!). The button art project is easy because it uses buttons and a glue gun. Easy-peasy! Oh, and additionally, you can get inspired by anything to create the button art. Just pick something you love because art is inspired by what’s within us. Also, creating with buttons is flat out fun.

Get motivated and click the photos below to see them in more detail. Also, be sure to share with me your projects, since I love seeing what other people create, too. It’s fun because creative minds inspire each other. Happy ‘projecting’ and I hope to see you again soon.

Plants 4.0 - see these beautiful houseplants bathing in the sun.
Plants 4.0
Coffee Table: 3ten.ca
Coffee Table
60 Foot Tower: 3ten.ca
60 Foot Tower
Tree Cutting 2019: 3ten.ca
Tree Cutting
Yarn Wall Hanging : 3ten.ca
Yarn Wall Hanging
Plants 3.0: 3ten.ca
Plants 3.0
Deer Fence: 3ten.ca
Deer Fence
Fireplace Reno: 3ten.ca
Fireplace Reno
Deer Fence: 3ten.ca
Deer Fence
Fireplace Reno: 3ten.ca
Fireplace Reno
Big Ass Fan: 3ten.ca
Big Ass Fan
New Shed: 3ten.ca
New Shed
Stay Home: 3ten.ca
Stay Home
Retaining Wall: 3ten.ca
Retaining Wall
Mirror Barn Door: 3ten.ca
Mirror Barn Door
Guest Room
Guest Room
DIY Headboard: 3ten.ca
DIY Headboard
Spruce Trees
Spruce Trees
Split Rail Fence: 3ten.ca
Split Rail Fence
Pottery: 3ten.ca
Holiday Home Tour
Holiday Home Tour
Fabric Holiday Bows: 3ten.ca
Fabric Holiday Bows
Bunched Christmas Ornament: 3ten.ca
Bunched Christmas Ornaments
Fabric Christmas Tree: 3ten.ca
Fabric Christmas Tree
Twine Christmas Ornaments: 3ten.ca
Twine Christmas Ornaments
Guest Room: 3ten.ca
Guest Room
Junk Drawer Organization: 3ten.ca
Junk Drawer Organization
Halloween Lanterns: 3ten.ca
Halloween Lanterns
DIY West Elm Stool: 3ten.ca
DIY West Elm Stool
Paw Print Art: 3ten.ca
Paw Print Art
Button Art: 3ten.ca
Button Art
DIY Pillows: 3ten.ca
DIY Pillows
Garage Sale Juicer: 3ten.ca
Garage Sale Juicer
DIY Patio Table: 3ten.ca
DIY Patio Table
DIY Lighting: 3ten.ca
DIY Lighting
DIY Barn Door: 3ten.ca
DIY Barn Door
Monogram Button Pumpkin: 3ten.ca
Monogram Button Pumpkin
DIY Concrete Countertop: 3ten.ca
DIY Concrete Countertop