New Shed:

Project: New Shed

New Shed:

New shed – this was a September 2019 project. The kind of project that spins off another. Remember the retaining wall we did? Well, we wanted a shed, too. Mainly to get all the lawn maintenance stuff out of the shop since we’re working on Bolers in there. So, let’s check out this 96 square foot, 12×8 shed!

New Shed


The slanted roof is one of our favourite parts – it’s 13 degrees. The floor is road crush, just like the rest of the driveway, and it works well for drainage.

New Shed:

One thing we paid attention to was making sure all the supports lined up – we wanted to use them on the interior for shelving and it worked out well!

The new shed is clad in cedar which we protected the same way we did the split rail fence. We love cedar – it’s rot resistant and looks so great out here in Western Canada.

What to see it finished? Ta-Da!

New Shed:

One of our favourite features is the door. It’s a roll top, making it easy to enter even if the snow builds up. Such a great UFA purchase.

Okay – time to peek inside.

Peek Inside:

We’ve got all our property maintenance stuff in here – rinding lawnmower, snowblower, and shoves. Plus, garbage and paddleboards!

Lawn Maintenance:
Lawn Maintenance:

Well, there you have it – our new 96 square foot shed! So much fun keeping things organized. I suppose that’s how you know you’re an adult. Ha-ha.

Looks so good with the fence – rustic and country. Just like we like it.

New Shed:

Getting projects done and checked off your to-do list is fun – what’s even more fun is having those projects be function and add a great quality of life. My favourite part has been the garbage! I know, strange, yet true. Having a place that’s out of the way is key. Overall, it’s been 7 months and we’re not too sure how we existed without this shed – it’s that useful.

Well, thanks for visiting and we’ll see you again soon.

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