For Her

For her – sewing project for you or any lady in your life. Check these out.

For Her

Sewing For Her:

A lot of clothes and a lot of accessories – like a travel bag to store your make-up and face cream while you’re on the road, or a big zip bag to take your beach items with you to the sun and sand – either way, you’ll find something here for you. Check out all the projects below.

One of my favourites is the stripped pleated skirt or the maxi skirt. So many different ways to wear the maxi skirt and it’s made out of jersey knit. Don’t be afraid of knits, they’re easy to work with – have no fear. Also, I review patterns and share some tips and tricks with you along the way. Nothing is overly complicated so check out the sewing posts for her below and have fun sewing! Thanks for stopping by – share your own projects, too. Seeing what other’s make is a lot of fun. Sew up!

Bucket Bag:
Bucket Bag
Travel Shoe Bags:
Drawstring Bag
Fall Fat Quarter Scarf:
Fall Fat Quarter Scarf
Owl Travel Bag:
Owl Travel Bag
McCall's 6612 Pattern:
McCall’s 6612 Pattern
Bat Wing Dress:
Bat Wing Dress
Stripped Sweatpants:
Stripped Sweatpants
6 Seam Sweatpants:
6 Seam Sweatpants
Flannel Mittens:
Flannel Mittens
Purse Pouches:
Purse Pouches
Zip Infinity Scarf:
Zip Infinity Scarf
Boot Cuffs:
Boot Cuffs
Blanket Cape:
Blanket Cape
Leather Pencil Skirt:
Leather Pencil Skirt
Leg Warmers:
Leg Warmers
Two Toned Cowl Neck Sweater:
Two Toned Cowl Neck Sweater
Cowl Neck Sweater:
Cowl Neck Sweater
Faux Silk Infinity Scarf:
Faux Silk Infinity Scarf
Light Kimono:
Light Kimono
Athletic Headband:
Athletic Headband
30 min Pencil Skirt:
30 min Pencil Skirt
High-Low Dress Hem:
High-Low Dress Hem
Summer Skirt:
Summer Skirt
Black Jumpsuit:
Black Jumpsuit
DIY Buff:
DIY Buff
Travel Dopp Kit:
Travel Dopp Kit
High Waist Mini:
High Waist Mini
Knit Tank:
Knit Tank
Rayon Tank:
Rayon Tank
DIY Leggings:
DIY Leggings
Tunic Skinny Belt:
Tunic Skinny Belt
Magazine Bag:
Magazine Bag
Preppy Pullover:
Preppy Pullover
Tiny Clutch:
Tiny Clutch
Big Zip Bag:
Big Zip Bag
DIY Makeup Bag:
DIY Makeup Bag
Jean & Leather Clutch:
Jean & Leather Clutch
Bucket Bag:
Bucket Bag
20 minute bag:
20 minute bag
Pattern Review: 1429-2:
Pattern Review: 1429-2
Pattern Review: 1429:
Pattern Review: 1429
Pattern Review: 6752:
Pattern Review: 6752
Pattern Review: 6751-2:
Pattern Review: 6751-2
Pattern Review: 6751:
Pattern Review: 6751
Cupcake Apron:
Cupcake Apron
Valentine's Day Pajama Pants:
Valentine’s Day Pajama Pants
Towel Dress:
Towel Dress
Travel Bag:
Travel Bag:
Wide Headband:
Wide Headband
Large Cowl:
Large Cowl
Pants to Shorts:
Pants to Shorts
Racerback Dress:
Racerback Dress
Batwing Dress:
Batwing Dress
Boot Cuffs:
Boot Cuffs
Yellow Scrunched Top:
Yellow Scrunched Top
Boxy Bag:
Boxy Bag
Pleated Skirt:
Pleated Skirt
Maxi Skirt:
Maxi Skirt
Bow Tie Tank:
Bow Tie Tank
Men's Dress Shirt to Tunic:
Men’s Dress Shirt to Tunic
Men's Dress Shirt to Vest:
Men’s Dress Shirt to Vest
Fat Quarter Scarf:
Fat Quarter Scarf
Colour Block Scarf:
Colour Block Scarf
Wool and Jean Clutch:
Wool and Jean Clutch
Pencil Skirt:
Pencil Skirt
Cotton Rounds:
Cotton Rounds
Infinity Scarfs:
Infinity Scarfs
DIY Lululemon Scarf:
DIY Lululemon Scarf
DIY Reversible Bag:
DIY Reversible Bags
Reversible Bag:
Reversible Bag:
Infinity Snap Scarf:
Infinity Snap Scarf
Ribbing Headband:
Ribbing Headband

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