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Need a new accessory for the weekend? Make this winter clutch to accompany any outfit!

I liked this one while online shopping at Polyvore – it’s a Clare Vivier Fold Over Clutch and I used it as inspiration – plus, I didn’t have to spend 269$. I only spent 9$!! Making the caramel and neon one wouldn’t be hard, it just would mean a trip to the fabric store – you pick!

What You Need

  • Fabric – 2 squares 12×13
  • 12 inch zipper (or 10 inch)
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread
  • iron & board
  • rotary cutter
  • cutting mat


Okay – first, decide on your fabric. Are you going to use two types, or three like me? Then, you need to decide how big you want each piece and in what order they’ll go together.

My zipper is heavy and industrial, so in order to balance that, I put the heavy jean on the bottom. I knew I wanted the purple in the middle, thus the wool grey is on top.

The purple is 12 inches wide (everything is 12 inches wide) and 3 inches high. The jean is 4.5 inches high and the wool is 5.5 inches high. Total, 12 inches by 13 inches!

Use the rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut out your pieces with precision. It will make your clutch look polished and professional.

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #stylediy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

First – sew in your zipper using your zipper foot. My zipper is a separating zipper, so I needed to sew in each side carefully, so they will match up. I used a 12 inch zipper, since I wanted mine to go right to the edge. If you do this too, you’ll need to ensure that the zipper end (on both sides) gets stitched closed when you’re stitching each side of the clutch together.

Next, attach your second colour, pin in place and stitch or serge together (right sides together!)

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #stylediy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

Next – add your last piece, right sides together, and stitch or serge together. Turn over and press with your iron. Repeat with other side.

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #stylediy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

Match up both sides, right sides together – ensure that your colour blocks match up. If they don’t, your clutch will look wonky…yes, that’s the official term!

Now top stitch, or serge all around. Do the bottom last. Keep in mind that if you used a 12 inch zipper, you’ll need to be careful to ensure the sides close at the top; however, if you’re using a 10 inch zipper, you’ll be fine – in fact, you’ll have to stitch up a bit of the top, on either side of your zipper.

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style




diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

Now you have a one of a kind clutch, that didn’t cost you a whole bunch of money!

Fold it over, or leave it open.

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #stylediy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

Wake up, dress up, and sew up!

diy Clutch: 3ten.ca #sewing #diy #fashion #style

Happy clutch making.

See you soon.

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