• Baby Gift Set One: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Baby Gift Set One

    Baby gift set one! I can’t believe I didn’t share these 4 years ago when I made them for my sweet nephew in Ontario. Look at those little foxes? Aren’t they just the cutest? Well, I’ll share the patterns I used for this adorable gift set, yet the part that’s the most fun is picking out the coordinating fabric. On this set I picked out three key fabrics that tied together, but didn’t matchy-match. No, you want a good combination of neutrals with fun fabrics…

  • Projects

    Project: Rainbow Cookie Jars

    Rainbow cookie jars – they are the perfect little gift to kick off the new year just right. The mix is easy peasy and requires little prep work. The mix is from bulk barn. It’s the standard cookie mix, and total bonus, it only requires water to make cookies happen. What You Need 500ml mason jar 1 1/2 cup of cookie mix from bulk bar 2 tablespoons of chocolate rainbow balls ribbon index card – for instructions First, wash the mason jar. Then, add in…

  • Sewing

    Sewing: Week Six Valentine’s Day Placemats

    Week six Valentine’s day placemats – just in time for the holiday of pink and red! These placemats are made for February 14, but the wonderful thing is, they don’t scream Valentine’s Day, so you can use them in the spring or whenever you’re in the mood for pink! So versatile, fun and pink. Okay, let’s get started. These finished Valentine’s day placemats will measure 15×15 and are the perfect size for a dinner plate and flatware. What You Need 6 pieces of fabric that…

  • Lunch Bag: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Week Four – Lunch Box Bag

    Week four – lunch box bag! That’s right, week 4 of the 52 weeks of sewing. This bag is perfect to carry my lunch to work – far better than the lulu bag I’ve been using. Although, it was great, this one has a bit more room for the containers I use to pack my lunch. It’s wonderful. I’ll share with you my measurements, yet you might want to make one based on your lunch containers. Regardless of your measurements, this tutorial is great. Okay,…

  • Beeft Stew: 3ten.ca

    Recipe: Beef Stew

    Beef stew freezer meal here on the blog today. About 3 weeks ago I made our neighbour some freezer meals. This one, beef stew, and the recipe I’ll be sharing on Saturday – noodle bake. Gordon lost his wife in the summer and she was such a good cook, so I though around the Canadian Thanksgiving I would share some of the love and bring him over 8 meals and some muffins. So, here we have the first one – beef stew freezer meal. It’s…

  • Halloween Treats 2015: 3ten.ca

    Projects: Halloween Treats

    Halloween Treats Yes. It’s Halloween – the holiday of candy – tomorrow. Are you ready? We are. You know I like to make big treats for the kiddos in our neighbourhood. There aren’t that many houses on the block and, well, the driveway is long. So they should get a special treat. I never know how many trick-or-treaters we’re going to get. In 2012, our first year, I was managing a bar and I totally forgot the next day was Halloween. So I stopped at…

  • Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

    Sewing: Halloween Runner

    Halloween runner – the perfect project to brighten up your table for the trick-or-treating holiday that is almost upon us. This festive orange and purple fabric is perfect for October 31. Also, I love the starts. Just perfect. The tutorial is quite easy, just follow below. Oh, and it takes about 12 minutes total. Even if you include staring into your fabric closet for 3 minutes trying to decide which fabric to use. It’s quick, trust me. What You Need two pieces of fabric that…