Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Sewing: Halloween Runner

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Halloween runner – the perfect project to brighten up your table for the trick-or-treating holiday that is almost upon us. This festive orange and purple fabric is perfect for October 31. Also, I love the starts. Just perfect.

The tutorial is quite easy, just follow below. Oh, and it takes about 12 minutes total. Even if you include staring into your fabric closet for 3 minutes trying to decide which fabric to use. It’s quick, trust me.

What You Need

  • two pieces of fabric that measure 12 inches by 30 inches
  • matching thread
  • machine
  • scissors
  • pins

First up- get your fabric. With right sides together, top stitch or serge all around, leaving a small 2 inch opening to turn the runner right side out.

Press before you turn it right side out. If you want the corners neat and tidy, clip them a bit before you turn the runner right side out. This way, the corner will turn out nice and neat – it won’t be cluttered with the extra fabric.

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Then, pin the opening closed and top stitch all around the runner, giving it some nice detail, but also closing up the opening.

That’s it! Done.

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

Dress up the table with some Halloween Candy Bark and you’ll be all set for a spooky night.

Halloween Runner: 3ten.ca

That’s that – such a fun holiday project. Hopefully you’re ready for this festive holiday that’s only 11 days away! Do the kiddo’s have costumes? Are the treat bags ready? Have you replaced all the trick-or-treating candy you’ve eaten? Yes! Then, you’re all set to go.

One of my favourite memories of Halloween is being Rainbow Bright. The costume was awesome – from one of those costume stores you rent them at. Yup, it was the best.

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your week. Be sure to stop by on Thursday for some ways to light up your Halloween decor. See you again soon.

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