Hong Kong

Hong Kong travel – a big city on such a small island.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: 3ten.ca

The city is busy and full of life – get ready to go-go-go! One awesome thing about being Canadian, you don’t need a visa to visit. All you need to do is endure a long flight. Oh, and you’ll need a valid passport. That of course is a given. Other than that, it’s easy. The city reminded me of New York in that it’s full of lights and tall buildings that are packed with people. The ferries are a great way to travel and the city is full of high end shopping and low end markets which gives you the full spectrum in this wonderfully rich East Asian country.

Travel to this city if you get the chance and be sure to stop for at least two days – eat at Mana’s and be happy. Travel to live, right? Oh, how I love travelling. Share your favourite spots to travel, too. I loved the tram and the Museum of Science – such an awesomely fun place. Take my word for it, it’s not just for kids! Happy travelling.

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