Travel: Home Safe

Home Safe:

Home safe and happy to be on Canadian soil, yet happier to give Lily snuggles. Awww, and to have slept in our own bed last night – so awesome. Although, I’m not too sure if staying awake for the whole 28-30 hour travel day yesterday was smart…I think it might catch up with me!

Home Safe

You can see that we’re quite tired in our selfie shot yesterday from the Vancouver airport as we waited to catch our third connection. The one thing that’s been easy, though, is not having to collect checked baggage after each flight. Just having it all on our backs was one of the smartest things we’ve done.

Home Safe:

Oh and we time travelled! Haha – take a look at the boarding passes below – our first flight took off ‘after’ our second flight. The international dateline is genius.

Home Safe:

Well, it’s time to get unpacked and get some groceries. I’m excited to share another sewing post this weekend and then get back into the kitchen for some summer recipes. Travelling is so wonderful, yet when you like to cook and bake as much as I do, you really miss your own oven (especially when it’s a Wolf).

My hope over the next couple of months is to share some good-for-you food and update the blog a bit. Nothing too big, but maybe bringing some changes to create more white space and highlight some top posts. All things will come in time, right? Thanks so much for the support and I look forward to sharing more of our travel highlights once all the photos are uploaded, edited and organized. That might take a bit of time…but I’ll for sure get them up!

Happy Friday to all of you and thanks so much for visiting. See you back here on the blog soon and have a fabulous weekend.

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