• 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough

    Travel: 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough

    3 days in Cape Hillsborough, Queensland, Australia is the perfect amount of time to enjoy the national park, see some kangaroos, and enjoy the down time. We hiked, snacked, and watched the ocean tide rise and fall, enjoying ever moment. Okay, let’s checkout what we did and some photos! 3 Days in Cape Hillsborough The hikes are some of the best – the views, the diversity, and the creatures (some killing!) all make up an incredible experience. Spending time in Cape Hillsborough is worth the…

  • Cape Hillsborough National Park

    Travel: Cape Hillsborough National Park

    Cape Hillsborough National Park is a must see if you’re in Queensland, Australia. It’s full of hikes, beaches, and a clean campground that has kangaroos bouncing around like they own the place! We didn’t have our Boler, for obvious reasons, so we rented one of their super basic cabins for the few nights we stayed. It was sufficient, yet we weren’t big fans of all the little signs telling us ‘we need to…’ – felt unnecessary. Overall, though, worth the stop for sure! Okay, let’s…

  • Smalleys Beach Hike

    Travel: Smalleys Beach Hike

    Smalleys Beach Hike – this is one of my favourite hikes in Cape Hillsborough National Park, but also one of my favourites (top 3!) in Australia. Why? The changing landscape from one side of the mountain to the other. It’s like two different worlds, really. Okay, let’s check out some photos and I’ll share a few photos of some creatures we saw on our hike. Smalleys Beach Hike Okay, to start this is the All Trails hike we did. Yes, it has a bit of…

  • Sunrise on the Beach

    Travel: Sunrise on the Beach

    Sunrise on the beach in Australia. This is Cape Hillsborough and it’s an incredible place to watch the sunrise and perhaps catch a kangaroo or two snacking. For those of you who use Microsoft 365, you might recognize this place – I didn’t have it pop up on my work screen until sometime in January, but I was so excited when it did. I was like, I know that place! Okay, let’s check out some photos. Sunrise on the Beach We woke up around 4:55am…

  • McBrides Lookout

    Travel: McBrides Lookout

    McBrides Lookout hike in Cape Hillsborough National Park, Australia. Check out this lookout! It’s beautiful. The hike is perfect for an afternoon leg stretch as it’s a 2km and just under 100m in elevation. Should take you about 40 minutes to hike up and out, depending on how much time you take at the lookout points. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Oh, before I forget, the trail is on All Trails: McBrides Lookout if you’re interested. McBrides Lookout Our hike started on the beach…

  • Hike Australia

    Travel: Diversity Boardwalk

    Diversity Boardwalk – hike Australia! This quick, yet intriguing hike is right in Cape Hillsborough National Park and worth checking out. The name suits it, from muddy crab walking swamp to boulders and rock faces, this wee hike packs a lot! Okay, let’s check out some photos. Diversity Boardwalk First, be sure you’ve got footwear on that you don’t mind getting dirty, especially if it’s rained recently. Next, bring the bug spray! The wetness of the swampy area breeds a lot of bugs, so you’ll…

  • Toronto Snapshot

    Travel: Toronto Snapshot

    Toronto snapshot! We’re in Toronto, having fun, enjoying the hustle and bustle of big city life and enjoying far too much food. No worries, we’re walking a lot, so it balances out! Okay – here are a few snaps from our travels so far, I’ll share more in detail later. For now, you can most certainly see we’re having fun! Toronto Snapshot First up, the AGO is open late on Wednesdays – such an awesome idea. Beautiful place to checkout some art. If you haven’t…