• Scott Aquarium - a great adventure in Omaha!

    Travel: Scott Aquarium

    Scott Aquarium – one of the features at the Omaha Zoo. This place is full of underwater creatures, some beautiful colours, and breathtaking plants. Let’s check out some of the photos from the aquarium. First, the aquarium is a nice break from the heat. We visited in late July, early August when the temperature was in the high 30s with around 80-85% humidity – talk about hot! Scott Aquarium The underwater colours are amazing – I’m often caught off guard by how colourful plants are…

  • Artists Cooperative Gallery - a hidden gem in Old Market, Omaha.

    Travel: Artists Cooperative Gallery

    Artists Cooperative Gallery is an eclectic gallery in Old Market, Omaha. If you’re looking for inspiration, or want to check out some great local art, or perhaps are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, then check out the Artists Cooperative Gallery. You’ll be happy you did! Artists Cooperative Gallery Bryce and I visited the Old Market on our recent trip to Omaha and we walked past the Artists Cooperative Gallery a few times and then decided to go in. We often shop for art during our…

  • Giraffe Habitat at the Omaha Zoo - one of the best experiences ever!

    Travel: Giraffe Habitat

    The Giraffe Habitat at the Omaha Zoo is an amazing experience. For $5.00, yes five dollars, you can feed a giraffe. This sweet girl is Lolo, she’s an 8-year-old giraffe who loves to eat. Lolo is the coolest. Before they let you in (only one group at a time) the go over some rules. One, don’t touch the giraffe. Two, don’t make any sudden movements, be calm and talk softly. Three, if she takes the whole branch, don’t reach for it! I held onto that…

  • Old Market Omaha - the historic downtown filled with character.

    Travel: Old Market

    Old Market in Omaha is full of brick streets, brick buildings, and old charm. From local coffee shops, to an awesome art scene, this place is full of delicious eats and pubs. Let’s check out some photos. Old Market Our hotel, we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott, was about 2 blocks away, just on the other side of The River Front. So we spent a lot of time in Omaha’s historic area. We had dinners here, got lunch, and even at ice cream a few…

  • The River Front in Downtown Omaha - the city's newest park!

    Travel: The River Front

    The River Front is downtown Omaha’s newest park! It opened in early July and we enjoyed the park just about every day. From sculptural art to slides, this park has it all! Check out some of our photos below. The River Front You can see The River Front from our hotel, and it’s full of these ponds where people race remote controlled boats. The benches on the far side are often filled with people enjoying coffee, reading books, or scrolling on their phones. It’s peaceful.…

  • Courtyard Marriott Omaha is a great downtown hotel right near the Old Market.

    Travel: Courtyard Marriott Omaha

    The Courtyard Marriott in Omaha is downtown and just a block away from the Old Market. It’s spacious, has a great view, and super friendly staff! If you’re going to downtown Omaha anytime soon, then pick this hotel! The only downside is it doesn’t have a pool. Okay, here are some added photos. Courtyard Marriott Omaha The room is pretty standard – has a large king bed, a desk (Bryce and I both worked a bit while on our vacation), as well as a mini-fridge…

  • Nordegg camping is some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta.

    Travel: Nordegg Camping

    Nordegg camping – some of the best off the grid camping in Alberta. Awesome hikes, cool breezes, and the mountains. What else could you ask for? Let’s camp! A few weekends ago we hooked up Tipsy the Boler and headed the 3 hours southwest to camp. Check out our photos. Okay – want to know what to do in Nordegg? We hike and eat – here are some of our favourites. Nordegg Camping Windy Point Ridge Reese’s S’mores Coliseum Trail We set up camp in…