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    Travel: West Coast Trail

    The West Coast Trail is 75km long, 231 meters high (yet you go up and down so many times) and it usually takes between 5-7 days to complete the trek. Our group did the hike in 5 days, 5 nights (noon on Thursday to noon on Tuesday). Yet with travel time to and from, it took a full 6 days. Here I’ll share some tips about our trip, what we liked, and what we recommend. Want to know about how we prepared for the trip?…

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    Travel: Two Weeks in Mexico

    Two weeks in Mexico – well, it was actually more like 17 days, which was awesome. I’ll admit, though, it was a bit long in one place. If you venture down to Quintana Roo, Mexico for two weeks and aren’t huge beach people (like us) then rent a car and take some awesome day trips. I’ll share a few things we did while staying in Akumal (and a day trip or two). Two Weeks in Mexico Mexico in a Carry-On Hopper Experience Akumal, Mexico Tulum,…

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    Travel: Xel-Ha Water Park

    Xel-Ha water park is an awesome water adventure park. It’s full of so many different activities – zip-lining over water, lazy rivers, and the hugest waterslide I’ve ever seen. Not to mention the snorkeling – it’s so vast and you’ll for sure see some beautiful fish. There are a few things you’ll want to bring with you, and other items you can leave at home since they’re a part of the all inclusive service. Bring bathing suit eco sunscreen water shoes phone/camera waterproof phone case…

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    Travel: Victoria Snapshot

    Victoria snapshot – here you go. After hiking the West Coast Trail we spent a few relaxing days sightseeing in Victoria, British Columbia. We visited the Royal BC Museum, the Legislative Building and a few parks. Oh, and the food – a few hot spots I’ll for sure share in a Victoria Eats post soon. The neatest thing, though, was mile zero of the Trans-Canada Highway. Such a neat little sign – too cool to miss if you’re ever in the area. Victoria Snapshot The…

  • West Coast Trail Snapshot: 3ten.ca

    Travel: West Coast Trail Snapshot

    West Coast Trail – snapshot. If you saw my post last week – West Coast Trail Prep – you know over the past week we’ve been hiking away in the backcountry of Vancouver Island getting muddy, wet and sleeping in a tiny tent. Here’s a picture of our gear. West Coast Trail Snapshot We hiked the trail from south to north – tough to easy – nasty to nice. If we had to do it again, we’d hike the same way. Before the hike I…