• Day of the Dead

    Travel: Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead – Mexico City! When we were in Mexico City this past November for the F1 race we stayed the week after and enjoyed the November 2 Day of the Dead celebrations. The day is about honouring the dead and leaving offerings of their favourite foods, drinks, or small gifts. Okay, let’s check out some photos. Day of the Dead Parade? Yes! Check out this winning float. I’m loving the bright colours and the dimensions of the sculpture. So cool. Park celebrations?…

  • Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Travel: Mexico City Breakfast Eats

    Mexico City breakfast eats! When we travel we usually eat hearty breakfasts to give us enough energy to sustain a heck of a lot of walking. Eating gluten free is usually quite easy with breakfast, from eggs, potatoes, and fruit, it’s one of the easier meals to accommodate being a celiac. Okay, let’s check out some eats! Mexico City Breakfast Eats First up, we ate at our Hyatt’s Rulfo for the 4 mornings before each F1 race day, and on our last day. My favourite?…

  • Chapultepec Zoo

    Travel: Chapultepec Zoo

    The Chapultepec Zoo! It’s in the heart of Mexico City and it’s free. The zoo has many North American animals, and a whole section with bison, bears, and deer. So odd to see when our National Parks here in Canada host those animals with thousands of acres of land. Compared to the two other zoos we visited in 2022 – the Omaha Zoo and the Australia Zoo (post coming sometime this year!), the Mexico City Zoo was lacklustre for sure. Don’t get me wrong, the…

  • Mexico City

    Travel: Anthropology National Museum

    Anthropology National Museum is a must see in Mexico City. There is a market just outside the entrance, so it’s a busy area! The wait to get in was about 30 minutes, yet it’s nice to people watch and take in the atmosphere. Okay, let’s check out some photos. Anthropology National Museum A couple of tips – don’t try and cut in line, it doesn’t work out well. Secondly, don’t put your feet (even cross your legs and sit on them) on the benches –…

  • Mexico City Views

    Travel: Mirador Torre Latino

    Mirador Torre Latino is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Mexico City. It’s got an observation platform, a museum, and a cafe. Check out the views of Mexico City! Mirador Torre Latino First, you can buy your tickets online, yet they’re cheaper if you buy them in person. The line was about 10 minutes, so not long at all. You’ll be up 40+ floors and if the day is clear (although the air quality in Mexico City isn’t that great) you’ll get to see the…

  • Mexico City Grand Prix 2022

    Travel: Mexico City Grand Prix

    Mexico City Grand Prix 2022. What a race! Let me tell you this was one of the best experiences of my life. The crowd had so much energy, the weather was beautiful, and we had awesome seats. Plus, listening to the fans cheer on their home favourite is just an unforgettable experience. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Mexico City Grand Prix 2022 First, the circuit is packed – so many people! When you buy tickets (we did an F1 Experience) you’ll be designated to…

  • Hyatt Regency Mexico City

    Travel: Hyatt Regency Mexico City

    The Hyatt Regency Mexico City – it’s in the Polanco neighbourhood which is full of top restaurants, streets layered with greenery, and some of the nicest stores around. It’s a beautiful place to stay! They’ve got so many amenities like a fitness centre, tennis courts, a pool and a few onsite restaurants. Check out the Hyatt Regency for more info. Hyatt Regency Mexico City We stayed for 4 nights as part of our Formula One Experience Package to see the Mexico City Grand Prix. Checking…