• Motel on Mitchell

    Travel: Motel on Mitchell

    The Motel on Mitchell – it’s a delightful place to stay if you’re in Townsville in Queensland, Australia. It’s in a great location, has an awesome host, and it’s cozy. We had a room with a king sized bed. It also had a little private entry with a couch, TV, and a mini-kitchen area. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Motel on Mitchell This little motel has 8 rooms and we had a smaller one – yet so much room for our three days in…

  • Billabong Sanctuary

    Travel: Billabong Sanctuary

    The Billabong Sanctuary – it’s just outside of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. The koalas and the kangaroos were by far our favourites. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Billabong Sanctuary First, the sanctuary is a recognized and fully accredited advanced ecotourism attraction, and partners with many neighbouring schools to enhance learning. When we visited, a massive school group was getting a lesson on one of the crocodiles, it was wild to watch. Okay, photo time! First up, the koalas – they’re super adorable and sleep…

  • Museum of Tropical Queensland

    Travel: Museum of Tropical Queensland

    Museum of Tropical Queensland is a highlight in Townsville. Bryce and I love the science area of museums and this one doesn’t disappoint! Plus, we heard the story of the great ship shown above. Worth checking out the exhibits if you’re looking to cool down for an afternoon. Museum of Tropical Queensland The price for the museum is quite reasonable at $15.00 a person, however their hours are only until 4pm each day. As such, be sure to plan out when you might want to…

  • Paddleboarding in Townsville

    Travel: Paddleboarding in Townsville

    Paddleboarding in Townsville, Queensland, Australia! Have you ever been stand up paddleboarding? We have and love it. However, we have never been paddleboarding in the ocean. It was fun, although the water was a little choppy. Overall, I’ll admit, it’s not something we’d do again. Some of our favourite paddleboarding is in calm, shallow waters, not becaues we’re afraid of the water, but because we love to explore and see what’s happening below. Our favourite paddle experience was back in 2017 in Christina Creek, but…

  • Castle Hill Reserve

    Travel: Castle Hill Reserve

    Castle Hill Reserve is a tail system in Townsville, Queensland. It’s full of breathtaking views of the city and will keep your heart betting! We saw so many people on the trails and it’s no wonder, since it’s a workout with some of the best views around. Check out some photos below. Castle Hill Reserve First, you can drive up which allows for access, which is nice. Second, there are over 7 or more trails – check out All Trails for all the details. We…

  • 2 Days in Mission Beach

    Travel: 2 Days in Mission Beach

    2 days in Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia – what a place! Mission Beach is full of hikes, some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had, and is a great place for a little visit as you travel the east coast of Queensland. Listed below are some of the highlights of our stop in Mission Beach – and we saw a kangaroo or a wallaby for the first time, in the wild ta-boot! 2 Days in Mission Beach First up, where to stay – we…

  • Mission Reef Resort

    Travel: Mission Reef Resort

    Mission Reef Resort is a quaint little place in Mission Beach. It’s low frills, yet priced well. Out of all the places we stayed, it had the least amenities, but for two nights it was worth it! Mission Reef Resort We stayed in a Motel Studio while at Mission Reef Resort mainly because we knew we didn’t need many amenities. They had a BBQ and Mission Beach is home to some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had, so we didn’t need to cook…