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    Travel: Mexico City Grand Prix Snapshot

    Mexico City Grand Prix snapshot – home of the 20th round on the 2022 Formula One World Championship schedule. Yes, Max Verstappen is already the world champion, yet that doesn’t change how epic these first couple of days have been. The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez motorsport race track is fast (and I thought UTVing was fast!), yet what we love about the track is the atmosphere. Watching a race at home (usually while we eat breakfast on the weekends) is thrilling, yet live, with the speedy-hum…

  • Marjorie K. Daugherty Conservatory, a top Omaha attraction!

    Travel: Marjorie K Daugherty Conservatory

    Marjorie K Daugherty Conservatory is one of Omaha’s top attractions. It’s full of so many beautiful plants and a cozy cafe. Plus, it just flat out smells awesome. Okay, let’s check out some photos. One of my favourite things about visiting conservatories (we have an awesome one in Edmonton!) is seeing the grown up version of the plants we have at home. An elephant’s foot is a great example – we have 3 and they’re oh, so tiny. Marjorie K Daugherty Conservatory Photo time! This…

  • Inner Rail Food Hall

    Travel: Omaha Lunch Eats

    Omaha lunch eats – some of the best eats from around the Nebraska city. From food halls, to street eats, I’ll share with you a few of our favourites. Okay, let’s get eating! First, we experienced a few different places and all were equally as good. One place you should check out is the Inner Rail Food Hall in the Aksarben neighbourhood – Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards. Wild, eh? The food hall reminded me of the one in Chicago, full of such diversity, and…

  • Lauritzen Gardens - over a 100 acres of flowers.

    Travel: Lauritzen Gardens

    Lauritzen Gardens – one of Omaha’s awesome sights. This place is huge! More than 100 acres of lush beautiful flowers and plants. Grab the sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sunhat – then check out the grounds. What I love about visiting gardens in other climates is seeing the various flowers that flourish in different environments. We saw a lot of flowers and plants that we have at home, but others that we couldn’t possibly grow in zone 4a, yet I’d say we’re a 3b. Omaha, just…

  • Omaha Breakfast Eats - the best spots to start your morning!

    Travel: Omaha Breakfast Eats

    Omaha breakfast eats! When we travel, breakfast is one of my favourite meals. From eggs to corn grits, Omaha doesn’t disappoint on the breakfast front. Let’s check out some eats! Omaha Breakfast Eats Lula B’s Kitchen Table CTRL We at at Lula B’s first, since it was right across the street from our Downtown Omaha Hotel. It’s good, decent food. Better than hotel food, yet basic and not gourmet at all. It’s Mexican themed, which is great for being gluten free. Plus, I’m a huge…

  • Omaha Zoo - one of the world's best zoos.

    Travel: Omaha Zoo

    The Omaha Zoo – one of the world’s best zoos. From the aquarium to the giraffe habitat, this place is awesome. A must see if you’re ever in Omaha. First, my favourite experience of the whole zoo was the giraffe habitat. I did a whole separate post on it, yet here are a couple of photos for you to sneak a peek. The aquarium is also worth checking out. Not only will you get to escape from the sun, yet you’ll also get to see…

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    Travel: Mexico City Snapshot

    Mexico City snapshot – if you saw my post earlier this week, you’ll know we attended the Mexico City Grand Prix 2022 – it was awesome! Yet, that’s not the only reason we’re in Mexico City. We’re here to enjoy some of the worlds top restaurants, see the sights, and enjoy one of the greatest cities of all time. Did you know that Mexico City is bigger than New York City and Los Angeles? LA is around 12 million, NYC is about 19 million and…