• Seventeen Seventy Sunset

    Travel: Seventeen Seventy Sunset

    Seventeen Seventy Sunset – one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Australia! Plus, as we visited the east side, 1770 as it’s often called, has a great marina to catch the sunset falling over the bay. Okay, let’s check out some photos! Seventeen Seventy Sunset We spent two nights in 1770 and caught the sunset twice. Once from the beach of the marina and the second night from the bluff at the end of Sir Raphael Cilento Drive, up by Wave Lookout.…

  • Paperbark Trail

    Travel: Paperbark Trail

    Paperbark Trail – one of the highlights of Agnes Waters, or the Seventeen Seventy community. It’s a short hike, probably about 10 minutes, but worth it! The pods are cool, yet man made. The true star of the hike are the paper peeling trees – they’re so full of personality! Okay, you know the drill, let’s check out some photos! Paperbark Trail You can find the entrance right across from the road to Red Rock Trail, or you can find it on All Trails, too.…

  • Travel Australia

    Travel: Red Rock Trail

    Red Rock Trail – this 8km trail over rocks, beach, and more rocks is stunning, peaceful, and sweaty if the sun is out. It’s in full sun, slather on the sun screen, grab some water, and let’s hit the trail. Check out the photos below. We even saw some beach creatures. Red Rock Trail If you’re wanting to hike this 2 hour trail, then check out the map on All Trails. You’ll see that it’s an in and out hike, also, be careful on the…

  • Agnes Waters Beach

    Travel: Agnes Waters Beach

    Agnes Waters Beach – one of the most beautiful and relaxing places on our whole trip. The beach was quite, as you can see. And the waves were big! Okay, not that big, but big enough to play in and set soaked. Agnes Waters Beach Jumping up into the waves, trying out rise the wave is a whole heck of a lot of fun. I felt so tall, haha! Back when I was a kid my dad took us to Warren Dunes – let me…

  • 2 Days in Kinka Beach

    Travel: 2 Days in Kinka Beach

    2 days in Kinka Beach! Where? In the best little beach town in Queensland, Australia. Kinka Beach has just over 600 people and it’s the sweetest little spot to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. We spent two glorious days in Kinka Beach. We hiked, ate ice cream, and saw some caves! Okay, let’s check out some photos, but first, a list of highlights. 2 Days in Kinka Beach Above, if you’re travelling to Kinka Beach from the north, and drive through Sarina, then stop at the…

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    Travel: Kinka Palms Motel

    Kinka Palms Motel is one of the cutest, most comfortable places we stayed on our trip to Australia. The rooms are spacious, the beds are cozy, and the decor is simple and elegant. Plus, the outdoor space is awesome! Okay, let’s take a peek at some of our photos. Oh, and if you wanted to check out Kinka Palms Motel, their website is very user friendly, plus, you can book direct! Kinka Palms Motel First up, the room. We had a big bed, a nice…

  • Travel Japan

    Travel: Osaka Snapshot

    Osaka snapshot! Spending three nights, four days in Osaka is the perfect amount of time to visit this Japanese food haven. From ramen and soba, to takoyaki, this place has it all. One of the highlights on our trip was the teamLab botanical gardens – visiting a garden at night is super neat. Okay, let’s check out some photos of our time in Osaka. Osaka Snapshot First we have the botanical gardens – they’re full of light and life. Don’t mind the quality, it’s challenging…