• 3 Days in Noosa

    Travel: 3 Days in Noosa

    3 days in Noosa! Yes, one of Queensland, Australia’s nicest beach cities. From awesome food to national parks, this place is worth the visit. One of the very first things we did when arriving was grab some food. After spending a couple days on Fraser Island we were in the mood to sit and eat. Okay, below you’ll find some highlights and then some photos. Let’s check it out. 3 Days in Noosa First, where to stay. We stayed at Chez Noosa and it was…

  • Chez Noosa Motel

    Travel: Chez Noosa Motel

    Chez Noosa Motel in Noosa, Queensland. It’s not a fancy place, and although we walked to home from the beach, it’s nice to have a car. The price is good, the property is clean, and it’s safe. A win-win all around. The one tricky thing that happened while we were visiting, the power in our unit shut off due to a tripped breaker around 2am or 3am on our last night. We woke up super hot! Nothing a shower couldn’t fix, and all our food…

  • Tewantin National Park

    Travel: Tewantin National Park

    Tewantin National Park is a paradise for mountain bikers. If you’ve got two wheels, a helmet, and a water bottle, then be sure you ring your bike bell since we’ll be hiking! That’s right, we hiked over 18km of trails in Tewantin National Park. Oh, and be sure you use your map, since not all the trails are clearly marked. We hiked this beautiful shaded place on an extremely hot day – it was 38 degrees outside. That’s slightly over 100. Hot! Luckily about 80%…

  • Noosa Farmers' Market

    Travel: Noosa Farmers’ Market

    The Noosa Farmers’ Market is a busy place! You get to park in a field, yet not to worry, it’s in the city. Just be sure you’re hungry when you visit. From juices to donuts, there are a lot of tasty treats! A few classics you can find here, if you’re visiting Australia and are looking for gifts to bring home. Chocolates are a good choice, and so is honey. The best items I found were scarves and towels – some of the softest materials…

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    Travel: Noosa Heads Beach and Bakery

    Noosa Heads Beach and Bakery – the perfect way to spend an afternoon. After hiking in Noosa National Park we checked out the beach, watched the crowds, and then walked Hastings Street and ate bakery snacks. The best part, gluten free carrot cake! Noosa Heads Beach and Bakery Up first, the beach. These shades are so awesome, I just love all the fun colours they come in. Side note, last year we got an umbrella for the deck and the company we got it from…

  • Noosa National Park

    Travel: Noosa National Park

    Noosa National Park – it’s right in the heart of Noosa, Queensland, Australia. We did the long hike from the start of Tea Tree Bay via Fairy Pools. After that, we picked up the Hell’s Gate Walk, finishing at the Noosa Heads Beach. It was a hot day, even with some cloud cover, yet the views were magical. Photo time. Noosa National Park First, a couple of trails we hiked in the park. The first trail wasn’t too busy at all – and the beach…

  • Fraser Island

    Travel: Fraser Island

    Fraser Island, or what it’s known as now, K’gari – the great sandy national park. It’s a world UNESCO heritage sight and well worth the visit. We opted for a self-guided tour, renting a 4WD pink Toyota to venture around for about 30 hours. We boarded the barge around 11am on a Thursday and left around 5pm on the Friday. It was the perfect amount of time. If you’re up for renting your own SUV, then check out our Fraser Dingo post – good times!…