4 Weeks in Australia

Travel: 4 Weeks in Australia

4 Weeks in Australia

4 weeks in Australia. That’s right, 4 weeks!! We know we’re incredibly lucky to have so much paid time off, allowing us to travel, enjoy life, and have some of the best experiences. Above you see a little before and after – don’t mind the added sun, haha. I’ll share our itinerary below, links to the cities and places we visited, along with a few memorable photos.

4 Weeks in Australia

Up first, Cairns. We travelled from Edmonton, via Vancouver and Brisbane, and started our 4 weeks in Cairns. Why? Well, the Great Barrier Reef, of course!

Great Barrier Reef


In Cairns we rented a car and travelled on our own for the first 3+ weeks of our trip. Having our own car, hitting the grocery store, and having the ability to check out off the beaten path hikes was so worth it! After Cairns we visited Mission Beach.

The mountain we climbed was such an experience, yet the Thai food we had for dinner that night was the best we’ve ever had!

2 Days in Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Mission Beach was my first trip to the grocery store, Woolworth – did you get your Wolly’s Worth?! I must have said this about 36 times on our trip. The radio ads were awesome. The store, even more awesome.

After Mission Beach we stopped in Townsville and paddleboarded and ate pizza.

3 Days in Townsville


If you’re wanting to know the pizza place, checkout the 3 days in Townsville. It’s gluten free, ta-boot!

After Townsville we spent a few days in Airlie Beach in an off the beaten path eco cabin.

Airlie Beach Eco Cabins

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach was a welcome little reset full of some restful downtime. Up next we headed to Cape Hillsborough National Park for a bit of camping and early mornings!

The campground was full of kangaroos – just roaming around. Neat, eh?!

Cape Hillsborough National Park

Cape Hillsborough

As you can see, we did a lot of hiking in Cape Hillsborough. After our ventures in the National Park we stopped in Kinka Beach for a few days.

2 Days in Kinka Beach

Kinka Beach

The cafe in Sarnia was on the drive (so happy we had a car!) from Cape Hillsborough to Kinka Beach, and it’s one of the best little cafes we’ve ever stopped at. After Kinka we played in the water at Agnes Waters.

2 Days in Agnes Waters

Agnes Waters

Agnes waters gave us the experience of cooking on a BBQ in the park, and after the beach days we spent some time in Hervey Bay.

2 Days in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay

The pier walk was fun, seeing people fish and dogs play – just be sure to wear sunscreen. Up next, one epic adventure as we visited Fraser Island!

Fraser Island

Fraser Island

What an experience!

After we returned our dingo we headed to Noosa – checked out farmer’s markets and had some good snacks. Oh, and a few hikes!

Travel Australia


Noosa was our last stop before the capital of Queensland, Brisbane! Once we got to Brisbane we returned the car and enjoyed city life for about a week.

Travel Australia
5 Days in Brisbane


Take a peek back to us on the plane from Vancouver to Brisbane – we’re so excited!

4 Weeks in Australia

And here we are a little sun kissed from all the hikes, ready to head back to the north and the snow. Overall, an awesome trip.

4 Weeks in Australia

Well, that’s it! That’s how we spent our 4 weeks in Australia – 29 days. Wild times and unforgettable memories. Happy trip planning!

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